Family Guy’s impressive run on prime-time television represents a remarkable feat of creative comedy writing, but in 2023, is it really still as funny as it used to be?

It’s hard to remember a time when Family Guy wasn’t on our TV screens. After years of outrageous jokes, obscene cutaway gags, and the odd musical number, the animated comedy remains on the air with largely the same cast of voice actors that worked on the early seasons. But the burning question on the minds of those who haven’t tapped into the last few seasons is can Peter and the gang can still make us laugh and cry in 2023.

Is Family Guy still funny in 2023?

While of course humor is subjective, it’s probably fair to say that the majority of the show’s fanbase, including myself, would argue that yes, Family Guy is still funny in 2023.

While perhaps it may be unnerving to see modern trends and technologies woven into a show that so many people associated with the 2000s and the 2010s, Family Guy has managed to hold on to its edge for the most part, and very much remains on the more daring side of TV comedy.

Funny it may remain, the show is not without its flaws. Without fully ‘jumping the shark’ so to speak, Family Guy isn’t quite what it used to be. As its Rotten Tomatoes score continues to drop season by season it looks increasingly like, in a similar vein to The Simpsons, the cartoon is continuing to be made as it is a money generator, with newer episodes feeling increasingly lacking in direction or purpose.

The 2019 Trump episode is a prime example of a disappointing modern Family Guy episode. Though the premise was strong (Donald Trump hires Peter as his press secretary), the delivery felt flat and underwhelming, saved only by a handful of decent jokes and an over-the-top fight scene finale. Regardless of the storylines though, if you’re looking for laughs – Family Guy has still got them.

Fans are still enjoying the humor in season 21

Though characters in cartoons aren’t generally considered to be ‘acting’, (they’re literally not real people, after all), Peter, Lois, and Barbara have picked up plaudits for exactly that in a recent viral tweet.

Now over 400 episodes deep, Family Guy does still appear to be connecting with its viewers. In a clip from episode 4 of the latest season, 21, Lois could be seen running frantically toward her husband in an attempt to prevent a rather inappropriate situation between him and her mother, only to find out that she’s too late.

In a post that has racked up 7.5 million views in just over a week, a Quahog enthusiast described the scene as “the best acting ever done in Family Guy”, to the delight of thousands of fans of the show.

“This clip proves why we need voice acting categories at the Emmys and Oscars” tweeted one fan in response to the outrageous clip. “Alex Borstein (Lois’ voice actor) deserves an award for this”, added another. “That scream hit me right in my soul”.

The funny moment proved so popular among fans that Lois’ scream became a popular sound on TikTok that was used in just shy of 2000 videos, with millions of combined views.

Will there be another series of Family Guy?

Thankfully for those who are still enjoying Family Guy in 20223, there will be another season of it in the not-too-distant future.

In fact, there will be at least two more seasons. With season 21 having wrapped up in May, it has since been reported that the show has been signed on by Fox to continue through 2025.

Though exact dates are not confirmed, it is likely that we will see season 22 later this year or in 2024, and we will hopefully have received our 23rd installment of the show by 2025.

And if Seth MacFarlane, Mila Kunis, and the rest of the creators can find it in themselves to carry on being funny beyond 2025, then who knows how many more seasons we could get?

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