Is there a new episode of the My Hero Academia anime adaptation going to release this weekend, or has the series finally ended?

The sixth TV season of My Hero Academia has not only revitalized the franchise but has gone on to become the highest-scoring season of the anime to date on MyAnimeList.

A thoroughly deserving achievement for Studio Bones, but fans are already casting their attention toward the U.A. horizon and wondering when the next anime episode will premiere on Crunchyroll.

So, is there a new episode from the My Hero Academia anime series set to release this weekend on April 1?

Is My Hero Academia releasing a new episode this week?

No, sadly there will not be a new anime episode of the My Hero Academia TV series this weekend.

This is because the sixth season, which premiered all the way back in October 2022, reached its conclusion last week with the premiere of episode 138 on Saturday, March 25.

The good news is that My Hero Academia season 7 has already been confirmed to be in production, with the announcement being shared by the series’ Japanese website only a few moments after the season 6 finale aired for domestic audiences.

“The sixth season of “My Hero Academia” reached its final episode on Saturday, March 25, and at the end of the episode, we announced the decision to produce the seventh season. The completion of the 6th season and the production of the 7th season were made possible by the support of all the fans and viewers of “My Hero Academia”.”

A new preview trailer was also shared online, teasing the introduction of the new character ‘Star and Stripe’ – the American hero that will be the focus of the next story arc.

Star and Stripe will be voiced by Romi Park (Hange from Attack on Titan), who commented “I can’t stop shaking with excitement to be given such a big role in a work that has been created with such passion. I will put my whole heart and soul into it with Kathy so that we can connect our feelings. I will not collapse.”

Daiki Yamashita, the voice of Deku, said that he knew what was going to happen in the anime, “but there were more peaks and valleys than ever before and many things happened, which created many emotions.”

“I really felt the friendship and growth of Deku and the 1st year A class, which gave me more strength. Not only the students but also the professional heroes grew up together, and I hope that the boys, girls, and adults who have grown so much over the 6th season will look forward to seeing them go even further beyond in the 7th season.”

Nobuhiko Okamoto, voice actor for Bakugo, commented “In the final episode, there was a new character and a direction that led to the next episode. Deku, who had been moving toward the dark side by himself, came back to the light. In a sense, this is the beginning, the restart.”

Is there a new manga chapter this weekend?

Yes, whilst there might not be a new episode of the My Hero Academia anime series this weekend, fans of the franchise can look forward to a new manga chapter.

Chapter 384 will be made available to readers around the world on Sunday, April 2 at the following international times:

The new chapter will be available to read for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus for the next three publications; with an active subscription costing users just $2.99 a month.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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