Netflix is continuing to add more spooky TV shows to its library. While some of them are fictional, others are inspired by true life events. Let’s dive in and take a look at whether The Watcher is based on a true story or not.

Coming from the creator of incredible shows such as American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and more, the upcoming show is set to spread its spookiness. Moreover, the community is wondering if it’s based on a true story, and if so, what exactly happened in the real story?

Is Netflix’s The Watcher Based on a True Story? Events Explored

Yes, The Watcher is based on true events and is now showcased on Netflix. The real story came out to the public via an article published in The Cut (New York Magazine) in 2018.

As the story goes, Derek and Maria Broaddus shifted to Westfield, New Jersey, where they bought their dream home in 2014. Derek was a Senior Vice President at an Insurance company in Manhattan, and Maria spent her childhood in Westfield. Hence, they decided to settle in Westfield near Maria’s childhood home. Soon, after shifting to their million-dollar house, one day, Derek found a letter addressed to ‘The New Owner.’

The letter was sent by someone who identifies themselves as The Watcher. In the letter, the sender mentioned that they had been tasked to keep an eye on the house ahead of the Second coming. They also continued that their ancestors have been watching the house for decades, and it’s their turn now.

That was not it; the stalker also mentioned that they had noticed their children and mentioned their names, nicknames, and age correctly. After reading this, the Broadduses took the letter to the cops, who asked them not to tell their neighbors about this as they doubted that some of their neighbors might be playing pranks with them.

The cops also investigated a family from their neighborhood who seemed to be eccentric, but they came out clean. Later, the family learned that the previously residing Woods family in the house also received this kind of letter. However, after investigating, they learned that the previous owners received the letter before they moved out, and they hadn’t experienced anything like this before. So, they did not think about it much before discarding it.

Broaddus also hired FBI agents to look into the matter, but nothing worked, and the case was left unsolved.

Does Netflix’s show stay true to the story?

Even though Netflix’s The Watcher is inspired by the real-life events that took place in the Broaddus family back in 2014, so far it has changed quite a few things for Netflix audiences. For instance, the names and surnames of the family have been completely changed. In the TV show, there are two kids in the family, whereas Derek and Maria Broaddus have three children who were apparently younger than the ones shown in the TV Show.

As the TV series is yet to release on the streaming platform, it’s hard to say whether we’ll see the stalker and uncover the mystery or if the case remains unsolved. There’s also a chance that the creators will add their own touch to the story by including a supernatural or criminal element.

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