An intriguing original anime series from Doga Kobo has been announced called ‘Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night’, set to release in 2024.

Whilst the constant conveyor belt of new shows means that whilst there is always a new anime for you to enjoy, many series can fail to deliver a unique and memorable experience.

This is why when a new series is announced that takes a rather unique approach to storytelling, it can create waves within the global community months, if not years, before its premiere.

That is certainly the case for Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night, an original anime that has just been announced – with the series introduction including a fascinating perspective on social media, wealth, and identity in the modern world.

Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night anime announced

Earlier today, March 24, a brand new original anime project was announced titled Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night, with both an official website and Twitter page for the series being launched in Japan.

Whilst details on the new anime remain scarce, Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night will be animated by Studio Doga Kobo and will premiere in 2024, with the website also providing the following introduction to the series:

“I want to find what I like.” Shibuya, a town full of identity. A girl drifts around Shibuya at night, unable to become anyone else, One special encounter starts to change her…The anonymous creative activities of girls who are experiencing creation for the first time begin.”

Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night will be directed by Ryohei Takeshita (who previously produced Eromanga Sensei), screenplay will be written by Yuki Yaku (the author of the popular Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki series). The script will be produced by JELEE, with Popman 3580 helming character planning and Junichiro Taniguchi for character design.

Both Takeshita and Yaku would share some rather mysterious comments as part of the anime announcement, teasing that the theme of ‘identity’ will be explored in the new series.

Takeshita commented, “That guy with lots of friends, that cute girl, that rich guy… Every day when I check social networking sites, I see the sparkles of other people and compare myself to the ‘now’ and feel depressed…In this age of comparison, I want to find my own personal favourite! This original project was started with a wish.

“Together with the main characters of the anime, we are trying to answer the question “What is my own personal favourite?”. The story has been developed little by little in order to answer the question “What is my own personal favourite? I am going to my desk today with the earnest hope that it will reach the hearts of many people. Jellyfish can’t swim at night. Thank you for your continued support.”

Yaku would continue with a more poignant comment on the lives that some people can find themselves trapped in; especially on social media where the line between ‘what people like’ and ‘what you like’.

The mangaka explained how, “In today’s age where approval is more sought after than money, the number of likes is apparently more valuable than the amount of money in one’s bank account.”

“A TikTok streamer who flaunts a large amount of cash and talks about how wealthy he is gets nothing but incendiary comments, while a comedian who keeps losing money gambling and turning his debt into a laugh gets a flood of favourable and admiring comments. Asked which they admire more, few would answer the former, and neither would I.”

Regarding Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night, Yaku shared how “The girls in this anime struggle between who they want to be and what the people around them think of them – between ‘liking’ and ‘approval’ – and work hard at their creative work.”

“No, perhaps there are very few people who really know who they want to be. Please enjoy this contemporary drama that I would like to send to all those who feel suffocated in real life and know that social networking cannot be free and happy.”

More information on the new anime is expected to be shared at the upcoming Anime Japan 2023 event, where King Amusement Creative will have a booth open.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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