Respawn Entertainment is making the biggest updates to King’s Canyon since the map was first released in Apex Legends.

And having been the original level released with the game back in 2019, it’s fair to say it’s in need of an overhaul.

The good news is that Respawn has shared everything they have planned, including what new POIs are being planned for August 2022.

Apex Legends | Awakening Collection Event

Apex Legends | Awakening Collection Event

Kings Canyon Reforged In Apex Legends Season 14

As revealed earlier today, The Kings Canyon map featured in Apex Legends Season 14 is going to be very different from the one you’ve been dropping into.

Some parts of the existing parts of the map are going to be redesigned, while others will be replaced entirely. This includes the space that used to be shared by Skull Town and Thunderdome.

The new point of interest taking up the destroyed area is Relic, a new POI with a giant skull as its centrepiece. According to the official description, the Syndicate has rebuilt the area for the Apex Games. Dredging machines have refilled the space with sand from the ocean floor, and a new battleground has been rebuilt. Players will find winding, interconnected buildings of the centre village, as well as other areas to explore.

More map changes confirmed by Respawn Entertainment include the following modified areas:

THE CAGE is a memorable structure on Kings Canyon, but we felt its defensibility was too high for a POI positioned directly in a high-traffic junction. This was contributing to third parties as players siege squads entrenched inside the tower. In order to resolve these fights quicker, we decided to simplify the top of the structure.

HILLSIDE: In order to reduce friction, we have rebuilt this area from the ground up without defensible interior spaces. Our goal with this change is to resolve fights faster and allow safer rotations through this space.

BROKEN RELAY: We have restored some buildings that previously existed at Broken Relay. We really loved this zipline gameplay over the ravine and saw an opportunity to bring it back. We’ve also renamed this POI from Broken Relay to Basin to more accurately describe how it appears in this version of Kings Canyon.

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