A new Mario Strikers update out today on Nintendo Switch adds Daisy and Shy Guy to the possible team loadouts.

Going live on July 22 worldwide, gamers can look forward to the new playable going live alongside a new set of Knight-themed gear and Desert Ruin stadium.

And with two more major updates promised for 2022, these could be just the first additions to an expanding Mario Strikers roster.

Mario Strikers: Battle League | Announcement Trailer

Mario Strikers: Battle League | Announcement Trailer

Mario Strikers: Battle League Update Is Out Today

Mario Strikers: Battle League Version 1.1.0 is now live and available to download on Switch consoles. As noted above, the July 22 Mario Strikers update adds features that fans should enjoy alongside other more technical changes.

The main focus is the release of Daisy and Shy Guy as playable characters, both of which can be unlocked today. Daisy is described as having high technique attributes, skillful passing and the Flower Spiral Hyper Strike.

Meanwhile, Shy Guy is evenly balanced in all attributes and can play whatever position necessary. Plus, according to Nintendo, Shy Guy’s Propeller Dive Hyper Strike is a force to be reckoned with.

For more on the other changes included in today’s Mario Strikers Update, you can read the full patch notes below:


Knight-Themed Gear: When equipped, this gear increases the strength and shooting attributes at the cost of other attributes.

Desert Ruin Stadium: Get gritty in a new stadium featuring the appearance of desert ruins. In addition to using the Desert Ruin stadium in matches, you can also set it as your club stadium.

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