Borderlands 3 has a huge fanbase so the franchise has joined hands with a fashion brand to bring the best apparel and other fashion products for the hardcore fans.

Borderlands 3 is a game in the Borderlands franchise where the players complete the missions while saving themself from getting killed by others. The game follows the storyline in which the Vault Hunters are recruited by Crimson Raiders to stop Troy, Tyreen Calypso, and their minions from misusing the alien vaults spread across the galaxy.

Borderlands 3 – The Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels Official Trailer

Borderlands 3 – The Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels Official Trailer

Borderland 3 Fashion Merchandise For Fans

On Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, the Borderlands franchise came into the line of licensed fashion items by collaborating with SuperGroupies. SuperGroupies is a fashion brand based in Tokyo, Japan that makes merchandise inspired by anime and gaming. The brand manufactures all kinds of high-quality fashion stuff like bags, watches, jackets, t-shirt, and all other stuff, but with a touch of gaming, anime, and manga.

Types Of Borderlands 3 Fashion Products

A total of 7 items have been launched by SuperGroupies that features the design from Borderlands 3. The characters from the game that have been taken into consideration for crafting these products are Psycho Bandit, Tina, and Lilith. These 7 items include:

Information About A Few Products

Psycho Bandit Model Jacket

Psycho Bandit model jacket

This vibrant-looking jacket comes with a large Psycho Bandit mask at the back with the “Strip the flesh” and “Salt the wound” phrases written. “BORDERLANDS” is printed on the right sleeve of the jacket, and a Vault symbol is printed on the chest.

Tina Model Watch

Tina model watch

The watch matches Tina and her outfit, especially the dial of the watch, which features her belt, chest armor, bunny blush, band-aids, and many other things that personify Tina. The given subdial is moduled after a bomb with “BOOM” written adjacent to it.

Lilith Model Crossbody Bag

Lilith model crossbody bag

Siren Lilith’s crossbody bag is designed to make you instantly remember the iconic character. Lilith Siren tattoos are present at the base of the shoulder strap. A metal plate at the front highlights the Firehawk symbol and the Firehawk flaming wings are printed on the bottom.

Borderlands 3 Merchandise Pre-Order Time And Release Month

You can pre-order the product you like from 8th February to 27th February 2022. The products will have different release months. The watches will be out in mid-August 2022, backpack and crossbody bags in late July 2022, and Jackets in mid-June 2022.

Prices For The Products

Here’s the price list that each product will follow.

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