One Piece anime series is arriving soon with its much-awaited Episode 1059, and here, we have discussed when the episode will get released worldwide.

The previous episode of the anime focussed on Zoro’s and King’s fight, where we see the former struggling to beat the latter. That’s because he could not learn about the opponent’s weak points. So, as a result, King gets the upper hand over him and knocks him down, making him fall to the ground. Moreover, as the unfinished fight between Sanji and Queen did not get screen time in the episode, we may hope to see the intense battle between them in the next episode.

When does One Piece Episode 1059 get released?

One Piece Episode 1059 will get released on Sunday, April 23, 2023, at 9:30 AM for Japanese fans. After the episode comes out in Japan, it will take 90 minutes to get simulcasted by Crunchyroll. Here are the release timings that you must follow:

What happened last time in the anime series?

Big Mom’s allies attacked Kid and Law after learning that the two were plotting against Big Mom. However, the attacks couldn’t harm them, and they get even more determined to defeat Big Mom. Robin and Brook get chased by the World Government, and during their run, they meet Yamato. On the other hand, the Onigashima castle is set on fire by the fire monster, Kazenbo.

After that, the episode takes us to the location where King and Zoro are fighting. Zoro is unable to analyze the King’s attacks and failed to learn about his next move, he gives King the opportunity to knock him down. Well, King grabs the opportunity, and when he unleashes an attack on Zoro, he falls to the ground.

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