One Piece is one of the most famous Japanese mangas with a considerable fanbase. After a long break of a month, the Manga released Chapter 1054 last week. Now, fans are craving chapter 1055, and here’s everything you need to know about its release schedule.

As usual, after the spoilers of the upcoming chapter surfaced online, fans went crazy to learn more about the next events that the Japanese Manga will entail. So, this post doesn’t only talk about the release schedule; in fact, you’ll also get an idea of what you should expect from Chapter 1055 of One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1055: Release Date and time

One Piece Chapter 1055 will officially release on Sunday, July 31, 2022, on Manga Plus and Viz Media at 8:00 AM PT. The below time schedule may help fans based in different time zones to keep a check on the upcoming episode:

What to expect from the upcoming chapter?

The leaks of the upcoming chapter say that Momonosuke and Ryokugyuu will get involved in an intense fight. Yamato wants to help Momo, but the latter stops him from interfering. Ryokugyuu acts as if he is hurt by Raizo, but it turns out it’s just a joke. Initially, Raizo gets stabbed by Ryokugyuu by one of his branches. Seeing this, Kawamatsu steps forward, but he can’t help him. Finally, Momo steps forward and stop Ryokugyuu by launching his Bolo Breath attack.

Later, the chapter takes us to Kouzuki Sukiyaki’s secret room, where Sukiyaki and Robin walk towards a secret passage with Law. Following the passageway, they reach deep under the water, and when they try to see out of the glass, they see the remains of an ancient city. Sukiyaki tells Robin and Law that these ruins are of the ancient city Wanokuni that drowned about 800 years ago. Basically, One Piece Chapter 1055 will tell fans about the history of the Wano Kingdom.

Apart from that, we’ll also see Shanks leaving Wanokuni while Luffy and others sense the red-haired pirate’s Haki around the island.

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