This week, One Piece filming wrapped up for its opening episode on the South African set of Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation.

There are arguably very few upcoming Netflix series that have the kind of hype, anticipation and most-certainly expectation, then the live-action adaptation of One Piece.

First announced in 2017, fans of the iconic series have been forced to wait for eons for every nugget of information regarding production, which started on the South African set on January 31st, 2022.

Now, the latest update on the production confirms that the One Piece filming of Netflix’s new adaptation has wrapped on the first episode, with the pilot on its maiden voyage to the editing department.

One Piece filming update on Netflix’s live-action series

Exciting news surrounding the One Piece filming for Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation, the first stage of production is complete as at least one episode enters the editing room.

On May 9th, director Marc Jobst shared on Twitter that he was saying goodbye to South Africa, where the upcoming Netflix One Piece project is currently being filmed.

“Land of sunshine, hard work, little creatures that visit each day, and mountains that every day took my breath away. Thank you to the incredibly talented crew that help bring this show to life. Now to the next stage…the cut.” – Marc Jobst, via Twitter.

The post ended by revealing that the filmed content will now be entering the post-production stage in development; however, fans should note that this only concerns the first episode, the pilot.

This is because it was confirmed by Murphy’s Multiverse in September 2021 that Jobst is only directing the first episode in the series.

The total number of episodes has not yet been officially confirmed by either the streaming giant or by the Tomorrow Studios production team, but season 1 will reportedly consist of 10-episodes according to What’s On Netflix.

Interestingly, the episode title for episode 1 has already been revealed to be “Romance Dawn” when Netflix Geeked shared an image of the finished script.

Who has been cast in the One Piece live-action series so far?

As of May 2022, eleven of the cast members have been revealed for the Netflix One Piece live-action series for the following characters; Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Shanks, Koby, Alvida, Helmeppo, Buggy, Arlong and Garp.

Playing Luffy will be Inaki Godoy (Bruno from Who Killed Sarah?), Zoro will be portrayed by Mackenyu (Yukishiro from Rorouni Kenshin) and Nami will be brought to life by Emily Rudd (Cindy from Fear Street).

Usopp is played by Jacob Gibson (AJ from Greenleaf) with Taz Skylar playing Sanji (Dawes from The Kill Team.)

Peter Gadiot (James from Queen of the South) will be Shanks, Morgan Davies (Kayla from The Girlfriend Experience) is Koby, with Ilia Isorelys Paulino (Lila from The Sex Lives of College Girls) as Alvida and Aidan Scott (Finnick from Between the Devil) as Helmeppo.

Finally, playing Buggy will be Jeff Ward (Deke Shaw in Agents of SHIELD), featuring as Arlong is McKinley Belcher III (Agent Evans in Ozark) and last but not least, Vincent Regan will play Garp (Cepheus from Clash of the Titans).

One Piece should keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more information on Netflix’s One Piece live-action adaptation, with more news expected to be shared as part of their Geeked Week in early-June.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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