What date and time will One Piece episode 1026 “The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors’ Deadly Attack” release for streaming?

It’s a particularly big weekend for fans of the One Piece franchise. Not only is the manga series returning on Sunday after its month-long hiatus, but the upcoming Red movie has just had its red-carpet premiere in Tokyo.

Now, all eyes are back on the anime, which continues to rapidly catch up with Eiichiro Oda’s original series. So, with “The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors’ Deadly Attack” up next, what date and time will episode 1026 of the One Piece anime release on Crunchyroll?

One Piece episode 1026: Release date and time confirmed

One Piece episode 1026 is scheduled to premiere for the vast majority of international fans on Sunday, July 24th.

As confirmed by Crunchyroll, the next episode in the anime adaptation “The Supernovas Strike Back! The Mission to Tear Apart the Emperors!” will release from the following times:

A very quick recap of episode 1025

Episode 1025 of One Piece was titled “The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors’ Deadly Attack!” and opened with the Worst Generation facing off against Kaidou and Big Mom.

The Red Scabbards end up fighting against fake Oden; however, in the brawl that ensued, Ashura Doji is sadly killed after he tackles fake Oden out of a window and causing a massive explosion upon hitting the ground.

Inuarashi opts to stay behind to fight Jack, who is shown to have killed several Mink warriors, whilst Izou and the rest of the group begin searching for Momonosuke.

The Worst Generation members continue to fight Kaidou and Big Mom, with the battle reaching the rooftop. They realise that they need to separate the two of them if they are to stand a chance.

However, the Emperors launch a joint attack together which almost takes out all five members of the group.

Thankfully, Zoro is able to block the attack (barely), which gives Luffy a chance to fire back – noting how Kaidou is now preferring to dodge incoming attacks rather than face their full-force head-on.

New trailer for One Piece: Red premieres online

Whilst every One Piece fan is looking forward to the next anime episode, the true prize of the Summer is the upcoming theatrical movie, Red.

This week, the official One Piece YouTube channel shared the second preview trailer for the movie, with the caption “I will make the world happy with my song” What’s the reason behind of Uta’s tearful wish?”

The trailer has only been available to watch online for around 24 hours, but has already climbed up to 3.1 million views with more than 83,000 likes.

One Piece: Red is scheduled to premiere in Japanese theatres on August 6th and whilst an international release date in the US or UK has yet to be revealed, Crunchyroll has confirmed that the movie will open this Fall.

“We’re excited to bring One Piece Film Red to theatres around the world this fall, which actually coincides with the 23rd anniversary of the One Piece franchise. This new film from creator Eiichiro Oda will truly captivate fans in a thrilling new adventure with the Straws Hats that features the debut of Uta – a mysterious new character in the world of One Piece.” – President and CEO of Toei Animation Masayuki Endo, via Collider.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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