A new update for Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 7 Roadmap has been shared by Ubisoft today ahead of the game’s next two seasons.

Adjustments are being made to what will be available later this year, affecting Season 3 and Season 4.

But fans will be pleased to hear that there is still plenty to look forward to as part of the R6 Year 7 Roadmap heading into the remainder of 2022.

Genshin Impact | Version 2.8 “Summer Fantasia” Trailer

Genshin Impact | Version 2.8 “Summer Fantasia” Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Changes Confirmed

As part of today’s announcement, Ubisoft revealed some scheduling changes that will tweak what happens next in-game. Key features that were going to go live during Season 3 have been pushed back, but there will be some compromises.

This includes a new map going live as part of the ranked pool for next season, and while we don’t know which one it will be, it will be one that fans have played before and was part of a past event.

However, a series of other changes won’t be as popular among R6 fans, including the news that the following features will be delayed into Y7S4: Ranked 2.0 release, Restrictions on voice chat, and Reputation Score display beta.

A message from Ubisoft explains: “As Y7S3 approached, we realized Ranked 2.0 would benefit from a little more time, so we’ve made the difficult decision to push its release back by a season. This way, we can ensure that the revamp to Ranked that you get in Y7S4 is the strongest it can possibly be.

“Similar to the above shift, we made the decision to delay two aspects of the Reputation System from Y7S3 to Y7S4 in order to meet the demands of live game development. These include the restrictions on voice chat and Reputation Score display beta. Keeping with the topic of Player Behavior’s upcoming features, we’re happy to report that the ability to submit cheat reports from match replays and restrictions on text chat remains on track and will release with Y7S3 as planned.”

Other major tweaks are coming to the game during Year 7 Season 3, but these will be focused on balancing the current meta to help change things up with the imbalance of LMGs and Finka’s role.

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