Like many Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet have an eclectic cast of Gym Leaders.

Now the games have been out for a month, we decided to rank all eight to see which ones we thought were the best.

Take a look below:

8. Brassius

Brassius is likely one of the first Gym Leaders you’ll come across in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and in my opinion, he’s probably the worst.

His personality is obnoxious and the way he speaks is incredibly grating. Using a Grass-type Tera Sudowoodo does redeem him a few bonus points, though.


gym leader brassius
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

7. Tulip

Tulip is the Psychic Gym Leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Much like Iona, she sees herself as a bit of an influence, this time in the fashion and beauty world. However, because of this, she comes across as a pretty unlikeable person. She has a fairly dull lineup of Pokemon too.


6. Katy

Katy is Scarlet and Violet’s Bug-type Gym Leader with a penchant for baking.

While generally, she’s a pretty forgettable character, she uses Bug-type Pokemon which, in my mind, are some of the coolest in the game.


5. Ryme

You can’t help but feel more could have been done with Ryme.

She uses one of the coolest Pokemon types in her Gym and has a personality unlike any Gym Leader we’ve seen before. Overall, however, her character is a bit of a letdown, mainly because of some poor writing, with raps that feel like they’ve been written by a child in primary school.

She loves a double battle though which is a nice change of pace.


4. Kofu

Kofu is a lovable oaf. He runs the Water-type Gym in Scarlet and Violet.

In your first meeting with the man, he runs off and leaves his wallet at the Gym as he heads off to an auction house before persuading you to partake in an auction on his behalf. Kofu is somebody you’d definitely want to befriend.


3. Iona

Like many of Scarlet and Violet’s Gym Leaders, Iona is over the top, verging on annoying but her character is a super-modern take on what a Pokemon Trainer can be, and that should be applauded.

Iona is an Electric-type Gym Leader/Steamer/Internet personality chasing the adoration of the masses. She streams her Gym battles to the world, something which would absolutely happen if Pokemon battles were a real thing.


iona and pokemon trainer
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

2. Grusha

Grusha is an ex-professional snowboarder and leader of Paldea’s Ice-type Gym.

He has a stone-cold personality, which fits the icy environment and he also uses some really solid Pokemon. A true great as far as Scarlet and Violet go.


Grusha and pokemon trainer
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

1. Larry

Never did I think a Normal-type Gym Leader would top a list of best Gym Leaders, but here we are.

Larry is a typical salaryman, somebody who is loyal to his job above all else.

His personality is borderline dull, much like the type of Pokemon he uses, but it’s this that makes him so endearing. He’s just a normal dude, stuck in the nine-to-five of being a Pokemon Gym Leader (and Elite Four member).


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