An inside source has reportedly claimed that The Rings of Power producers are at odds over cutting back Numenor or Elven storylines in season 2.

The Rings of Power season 2 is still in production and aiming to return in 2024, but a new inside leak claims that the producers and editors and arguing about which storyline to cut back on: The Numenorians or the Elves – Here is everything that fans need to know.

Morfydd Clark as Galadriel in full armor in the Southlands in The Rings of Power Episode 6
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Rings of Power season 2 might cut back on key storylines

According to inside sources, The Rings of Power producers have argued with the series’ editors about which set of storylines, Numenor or Elven, should be cut back on in season 2.

The Fellowship of Fans cited “sources close to the situation” in the latest rumor, that the producers engaged in a professional and creative discussion with editors about how and where scenes needed to be cut.

As per the report, during the initial round of editing, the team cut back on various Numenor scenes and moments that were considered to be important to the wider season 2 narrative. However, the producers themselves “did not agree with this and have asked for in the next round of editing for these episodes to now prioritize a lot of the Numenor scenes.”

Instead, the editing team has been asked to cut down other storylines so that Numenor can have more screen time, including the ones revolving around the Elves; “However, the editing team for the Rings of Power do not agree with this decision and requirement by producers.”

An anonymous source told Fellowship of Fans that: “The editing team are the professionals they know about the pace and what makes sense for the episodes to have the right rhythm and make sense but the producers are staying firm with this suggestion”.

Thankfully, this argument is more a case of creative freedom and professionalism, rather than a significant or worrisome internal conflict behind the scenes.

The inside sources allegedly claim that the disagreement on the editing is instead due to “general run time requirements” with each episode needing to be within a certain framework in terms of duration – season 1 episodes were between 65 and 72 minutes respectively.

Galadriel and Halbrand sitting together in Charlie Vickers as Halbrand looking down on Galadriel in The Rings of Power Episode 8
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Is the Elven storyline arguably more important to include?

Yes, if the decision came down to a simple choice between which storylines to include, the majority of fans would likely agree that the Elven narrative is more important to the show – the series’ main character is Galadriel after all.

However, a more important factor to keep in mind is that there is set to be an enormous battle scene in The Rings of Power season 2 that will be explored across two whole episodes.

This battle scene is rumored to be the infamous ‘Fall of Eregion’, which involves an Elven army taking on the forces of Sauron, with main Elven characters Arondir and Elrond set to feature.

If this giant two-episode battle is indeed the Fall of Eregion, it would make much more sense to fully explore the Elven storyline in season 2 rather than the Numenorians, who themselves were already prophesized to be annihilated in season 1.

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