The Ruri Dragon manga is sadly taking another hiatus, with chapter 7 being indefinitely delayed for domestic and global fans.

Whilst the global conversation around manga each week is typically dominated by large franchises such as One Piece, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen and the recently-returned Black Clover series, there are countless new manga slowly making waves within the community.

One such series that has been grinding away has been Ruri Dragon, which began its worldwide serialisation back on June 12th, 2022.

Unfortunately, it has just been confirmed that the Ruri Dragon manga will be taking an indefinite hiatus – but why is the series’ latest chapter being postponed and when could we see it return?

Why is the Ruri Dragon manga going on a hiatus?

The Ruri Dragon manga is sadly going on an indefinite hiatus from Sunday, July 31st due to the poor health of its author Masaoki Shindo and as such, the release of chapter 7 has been postponed.

The Unofficial Weekly Shonen Jump News Twitter page shared the Editorial Department notice from the magazine explaining the situation.

“The series was already absent from the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #33 and the editorial department looked for a way to create a sustainable scheduled while facing the mangaka’s health condition, but after various discussions with Masaoki Shindo, it has been decided it would be better for them to take a break to recover so the serialisation continues in perfect conditions in the future.” – Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Department, via WSJ_manga.

As reported by ComicBook, “news of mangakas having to step back from hot series due to poor health has become a regular headline around here” adding how “It seems to be coming more and more to light that the stress of creating manga is something that needs to be addressed.”

Has a new release date for Ruri Dragon chapter 7 been confirmed?

Unfortunately, a new release date for Ruri Dragon chapter 7 has not been shared, with all parties involved appearing to be cautious to reveal any potential plans following news of the indefinite hiatus.

The good news is that the series has not been cancelled, despite some social media posts claiming to be the case, considering that the series took another week off earlier this month for the same reason.

Author Shindo revealed in a Viz Media blog post that “I heard that the editorial department felt like Chapter 5 read like a final chapter… But it’s not!! There’s more to come! I’ve been thinking all about what’s going to happen.”

“This is the first time I’ve been serialized, and there’s so much to do that I ended up not prioritizing my health. I’ll use this time to get better. I apologize to everyone involved with RuriDragon and to all the readers. I’m sorry, Ruri! The series has only just begun, but thank you so much to all those who are enjoying it!” – Masaoki Shindo, via Viz Media Blog.

As confirmed in the aforementioned Editorial Department statement, the production and distribution teams will work hard to bring Ruri Dragon’s manga series back to a regular and sustainable release schedule.

“We will inform of the series’ comeback in upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump issues. We are very sorry to all readers who were looking forward to the series and kept sending comments and letters.” – Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Department, via WSJ_manga.

The team added how “We will do our best to bring back Ruri’s daily life, so we would appreciate it if you could look over us in the future.”

We wish Shindo a speedy recovery from his poor health condition and urge fans of the Ruri Dragon manga to be patient as we wait for the global release of chapter 7; at the end of the day, mangaka’s health is a higher priority than consistent serialisation.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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