The Samsung Gaming Hub has launched today on a select group of Smart Tellies that could change the way some enjoy their favourite titles.

With cloud gaming becoming more viable, companies are taking advantage by building new ways to access the biggest gaming platforms.

And Samsung is just one of the latest to take on the challenge by creating a new way for players to access Xbox, Stadia and GeForce services.

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Xbox Comes To Samsung Smart TV 2022

One of the big news stories for today is that Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on Samsung 2022 Smart TVs. And while this doesn’t sound that exciting, it paves the way for fans to start accessing titles without the need for hardware. This has been possible in other ways, such as using your mobile device. But by adding new accessibility options directly from television sets, it adds something new to the formula.

Starting today in 27 countries, you can turn on your Samsung 2022 Smart TV, navigate to the Xbox App in the new Samsung Gaming Hub or Media Hub, connect your Bluetooth controller, and play. It’s as simple as using any other streaming app on your TV. There are a few drawbacks to this new functionality, including the need for good internet connectivity.

Not only will your game be laggy and suffer input issues, but stuttering can be a major issue when trying to use cloud gaming without the proper speed required. This new feature is also only available on Samsung’s 2022 Smart TVs, leaving most people unable to access the Xbox App.

You will also need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to access Cloud Gaming services, although there is a way to try things out before you sign up. You can play Fortnite for free without an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership while using the Xbox App.

A message from Microsoft reads: “In some countries, you can access the Xbox app through Samsung’s new Gaming Hub. Simply navigate to the Gaming Hub via the user interface, launch the Xbox app, and you’re ready to go. Otherwise, you can navigate to the Samsung App store from the Samsung Media Hub, search for “Xbox” to download the app onto your TV, and launch it to begin playing.”

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