Chapter 59 of Spy X Family was on a break for some time, but now the new chapter is close to its official release. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the chapter’s release schedule.

Spy X Family is a popular name in the manga world. Written by Tatsuya Endo, the first volume of Spy X Family manga was released back in March 2019, and it is presently running on its eighth volume. The manga is serialized in Japan by Shueisha. Till now, Spy X Family didn’t have any anime adaptation, but it is announced to be released this year in April on Crunchyroll.

Spy x Family | Official Trailer 2

Spy x Family | Official Trailer 2

Spy X Family Chapter 58-2 Recap

So, the second part of chapter 58 starts with Twilight and Bond stuck in the building that is caught on fire. Bond saves Twilight’s life by predicting a collapse, and he is quite surprised to see that. Loid finds a plastic bag, so he fills fresh air in a bag that helps Bond cross the fire. On their way out of the building, Loid and Bond find a puppy, and they save him. An old man tells Loid that this is Miss Bennett’s puppy.

Bond’s fur catches fire while saving the puppy, so Loid uses water to extinguish it. A man is shown who is watching everything from a distance. Bond notices the man and attacks him. At first, Loid is angry about Bond biting people, but then he notices that the man is carrying fire accelerants and incendiary devices.

Loid punches that man in the face and calls the police. Miss Bernett finally reunites with her puppy. The old man tells her that a young man and a giant dog saved your puppy’s life. Loid praises Bond for everything he has done, and finally, they decide to go to a dog park with the whole family.

Spy X Family Chapter 59 Release Date And Time

Release Date

Finally, after a long break, the new chapter of Spy X Family is releasing internationally on 6th February 2022. Chapter 59 will release on Viz Media and Manga Plus website.

Release Time

The release time for Spy X Family chapter 59 will be different for different locations. So here is the exact schedule for the chapter’s release in different regions.

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