Storybook Brawl, has had to cancel its world championship after its parent company declared bankruptcy. FTX had to file for bankruptcy after financial difficulties with their cryptocurrency exchange. This comes after their fall championship was already in progress, and their world championship was due to take place in The Bahamas.

FTX has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy – where its assets and liabilities are from $10 billion to $50 billion. During this time, the CEO of the company Bankman-Fried resigned and handed the reigns over to a new leader.

On November 11, they experienced a cyber attack, which saw unauthorized transactions across the platform.

This leaves Storybook Brawl unsure about the state of Organized Play, and whether the World Championships will ever be able to go ahead.

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What Happens Now to Storybook Brawl?

Despite being taken over by a crypto company, NFTs never made it into the game even with the potential of them making their way in. The game remained free to play and has mixed reviews on Steam. It has a 519-player strong base.

The Storybook Brawl team has commented saying they “will provide more clarity when we know more.” but that could be a long way off, depending on how the FTX situation turns out. The game had a small following of 6,000+ but lost a lot of interest when they were taken over by crypto.

It may be hard for them to get their feet back off the ground, and they may potentially have to look for a new parent company to take them under their wing. Here’s hoping everything goes well for those on the Storybook Brawl team.

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