Stranger Things fans often discuss theories, opinions and rumors about the show even during the downtime when a new season has not yet been released.

Currently, fans are desperately awaiting the release of Stranger Things season 5. In the meantime, many are hosting discussions about the show and their favorite actors from the show. One such place where the Netflix show’s fans gather is the r/Stranger Things subreddit. In a recent discussion, there saw a fan who worked as an ‘extra’ on the show talking about its strict dress code.

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Stranger Things ‘extra’ details strict dress code

Reddit user u/cosmoszombie took to the platform on Monday, July 31 to share their experience while working as an ‘extra’ on Stranger Things. The user claims they worked as an ‘extra’ on seasons 2 and 3 of the show. They further revealed that they hadn’t watched the show until they got the work opportunity.

The Reddit user then reveals that the costume department asked them what style they want to lean towards during outfit fittings. ” I told her I’ve always dressed 1980s metal head my whole life and I even have vintage clothes from then,” they write. However, the costume department turned down their proposition stating the metal head vibe would not mesh with that of Hawkins and the style of its residents.

The extra further reveals that the costume department told them the show did not have extras or even main characters wearing bright colors or metal-head-inspired outfits. “They told me according to the Duffer Brothers that Hawkins is a small town and they don’t have or know about metalheads or have the stereotypical bright colors of the 80s.” However, they allowed Billy to break this rule, making his character extra special.

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Billy listened to Metallica and had a metalhead look

Billy Hargrove was a Stranger Things heartthrob who dies in the show’s season 3. He is Max Mayfield’s stepbrother and always ill-treats her. However, before Billy became Mind Flayer’s pawn, he was just your run-in-mill metalhead with anger issues.

Billy’s dirty blond hair mirrored that of many heavy metal singers. His outfit – a white tank top with tight blue jeans was also inspired by metal heads. Plus he listened to Metallica. All of this and more combined made Billy stand out like a sore thumb at Hawkins. His style and lusty yet angry personality are what differentiated him from the other kids who had grown up at Hawkins who were more innocent and unaware of the world outside of their small town.

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Eddie Munson broke all the rules

While Billy seemed an oddity in seasons 2 and 3 of the show, Eddie Munson broke all the rules.

The Redditor notes how Eddie the showrunners “acted like Eddie has always been there and seemed to be part of a group of metalheads and friends in his band.” Eddie is a proper metalhead through and through and so is his group of friends.

While the Redditor thought this was a plot hole from showrunners, the commenters thought otherwise. One said, “Maybe that’s why Eddie is such an outcast.” Another fan said, “Maybe Eddie changed his style over the years.”

The Redditor also notes how the Hawkins crowd begins wearing bright colors after the mall opens up. This showcases how the small town is being exposed to the fashion and tastes of the outer world.

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