Stranger Things fans on Reddit are asking ‘Who would Nancy raise a healthier child with: Jonathan or Steve?’ Here are the insightful responses from Redditors.

As the hype for Stranger Things season 5 is sky-high, fans are discussing wild theories and more about the show. Reddit is one of the places where fans gather to share their opinions and theories about a TV show. It is also a place where they put forth creative and insightful questions that make you think hard about your favorite show or loved characters. One such recent discussion on Reddit saw fans sharing their opinions about who Nancy Wheeler would raise kids with better. Jonathan Byers or Steve Harrington.

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Who would be a better father to Nancy Wheeler’s kids?

This insightful question was posted on Reddit’s r/StrangerThings page on Sunday, July 30. The user named u/stayup76 put forth the question to the Netflix show’s fans and many responded.

The Reddit user expressed their own opinion saying: “I actually personally want Nancy to end up single (at least by the end of the show) but I’m wondering who you think Nancy would raise a healthier, better-adjusted child with.”

The user further shared how they thought Jonathan “would be the best between the three at communicating with a child of his making.” The user who posted the question thought that Jonathan would make an effort to understand the kid. However, several replies differed.

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Redditors weigh in

One user expressed they are unable to pick between Jonathan and Steve.

“I really can’t decide because I think both Jonathan and Steve would be great parents to their children,” they said. The user further noted how both boys had “terrible dads” further saying, that it would “make them both want to do better for their kids.”

Another person thought “Neither. Jonathan and Steve would raise the best child and Nancy would have the best career.”

A third fan chose Jonathan as their answer pointing out how Jonathan has been a father figure to his younger sibling Will. They noted: “Jonathan. He was a father figure to Will and obviously recognizes that Lonnie is a s**t dad. We don’t know much about Steve except that his dad is a huge a*****e.

A fourth fan thought Steve would be a ‘fun dad’ who would leave Nancy to be the ‘bad guy’ for their kids. “I don’t know if Steve would be a good Dad, he’d be the type to be the “fun” Dad who makes Nancy have to be the “bad guy” and say no to things.” The fan further noted that Steve was more suited to be a ‘fun Uncle/babysitter.”

Nancy’s relationship with Steve compared to Jonathan

Nancy was dating Steve when the show began. Steve comes off as an unlikable character at first. Tensions arise between the two as Jonathan enters the picture. When Nancy is pulled into the Upside-Down, it’s Jonathan who understands and comforts her.

This makes Steve very jealous and he accuses Nancy of cheating. The two make up somehow but end up splitting again in season 2 when Nancy gets drunk at a party and admits she does not love Steve.

This is when she begins developing a closeness with Jonathan. The two have more in common than Nancy and Steve ever do. Nancy loses her friend Barb to the upside down while Jonathan’s brother Will goes missing. By season 3 Nancy and Jonathan are officially girlfriend and boyfriend.

While things go great for a while between them, they hit rough waters when Jonathan and his family move out of Hawkins. In the show’s season 4, we see Jonathan and Nancy struggling to make long-distance work. In the meantime, while Steve tries to date other girls, there’s a lingering of unrequited feelings still floating around for Nancy. With the current struggles Nancy and Jonathan facing by end of season 4, fans believe Steve has another chance to swoop back in.

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