From the fierce Demogorgon and Mind Flayer to terrifying Vecna, Stranger Things brought out a new side of Dungeons & Dragons’ villains to life, but the question remains, who is going to be the greatest villain of all time in Stranger Things season 5? While Vecna undeniably appears to be the strongest the kids have faced so far, D&D experts believe a stronger villain will appear in Stranger Things season 5 – and that we’ve already seen it.

After the conclusion of Stranger Things season 4 last summer, fans have been anticipating the final chapter of the popular fantasy show in Netflix. While no release date has been announced just yet, projections are mostly speculating 2025 to be the year Stranger Things season 5 will be released, considering the latest Writer’s strikes in Hollywood.

Stranger Things Dragon painting of Will Byers on display as we take a look at Stranger Things season 5 potential villains including red dragon
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Stranger Things season 5 fan theory revolves around a dragon

Dungeons and Dragons experts believe that a bigger villain than Vecna will be in play in Season 5 which will be none other than Borys the red dragon.

The previous versions of Dungeons & Dragons board game included the Red Dragon as one of the most powerful. Due to the heavy links to the worldwide beloved game in the show, fans have come to the conclusion season 5 makers may include the infamous Borys into the mix.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven and Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna on display as we take a look at Stranger Things season 5 dragon theories
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Did Will Byers already hint the red dragon’s arrival?

Stranger Things viewers are convinced Will Byers has already hinted at the red dragon’s existence in the Upside Down. They believe it takes place in season 4 episode 8 when he reveals a painting of the original friends group in to Mike.

The painting features a three faced dragon and Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas fighting against it. Will further reveals in the scene that it was Eleven who asked him to draw the painting, hinting that Eleven may also have seen or encountered the dragon in the Upside Down.

Mind Flayer returning as dragon

Stranger Things writers have previously hinted that a rewatch of season 2 is “highly recommended” before the final season appears. Fans believe that a number of characters from the second season may reappear to tie the loose ends of the show.

One Redditor further suggests, as a dragon is likely to appear in season 5, it might be the Mind Flayer who makes a comeback alongside Vecna to rule the Upside Down.

Moreover, season 4 of Stranger Things revealed the presence of mysterious beings which are still hidden under the dark clouds and it could be the ultimate version of Mindflayer appearing as the biggest villain.

So the possibilities are endless and only with the arrival of season 5, fans will finally get to see who partcipates in the biggest war of Hawkins to claim it once and for all.

Stranger Things is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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