Stranger Things season 5 will witness the biggest battle of Hawkins and Vecna will come back with his full force this time. But fans think that Vecna’s own victims who once helped the monster to open the gates of Upside Down can be crucial in killing him too! But how? Let’s find out!

Season 5 of Stranger Things may come at the end of 2024 or early 2025 but to keep the excitement brewing, makers of the show have been dropping hints here and there resulting in fan theories that seem convincing for the upcoming season. By now, fans are sure that Will Byers will return as a central character in the finale and even help El to kill Vecna.

amie Campbell Bower as Vecna and Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler on display as we take a look at Vecna's victims' role for Stranger Things
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Stranger Things’ victims could play a crucial role in finale that backfires on Vecna

The biggest clue of Vecna’s victims turning on him was given by the show when Vecna boasted how all his claimed victims are still with him. By that what he meant was Vecna can absorb the psyche of someone and they end up staying connected to his mind forever, even after their unnatural demise.

Following this theory, one Reddit user has argued that Vecna’s victims might get united and attack him from inside his mind which will definitely weaken his stance and make it easier for El and her friends to defeat him. This theory also helps to understand how Max can be really important this season even if she is physically ‘braindead’ and lying in a coma at the end of season 4.

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Max’s role in defeating Vecna

Among Vecna’s victims, Max could play the most important role in attacking him from the inside as her psyche is still trapped in Vecna’s world. One fan explained: “I think his victims are quite literally still with him in his mind. Think about what happened to Max. Vecna killed her. She was dead for some time. We are explicitly told that she died (the doctors say something about how she was dead for like 2 minutes and that they have no idea how she came back). Then Eleven revived her in quite possibly the first instance of a telekinetic movie CPR ever, but she is braindead now. Why? Because, when Vecna killed her, he also stole her mind.”

“Max’s mind is trapped inside Vecna’s, alongside his other victims. The main difference is that Max, unlike the other victims, has a body to return to. I for one think that Max will be, if you will, waging war on Vecna from the inside, teaming up with some of his other victims to attack him internally while the others take care of destroying his physical form,” the user added.

El and Will fight Vecna together

Along with Vecna’s victims helping in defeating the biggest villain of Upside Down, another theory suggests that Will can also play a major role in the battle against Vecna. As the previous few seasons have established how Will can feel the Upside Down monsters at the back of his neck, his connection to Vecna too can prove to be useful.

Will fans are predicting that Will and El will fight Vecna together at the finale!

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