Streamer Chell helps her dog Apollo score a goal in Rocket League in a cute clip from her latest stream.

As a high-action, fast-paced sports game, Rocket League is perfect for practicing all sorts of trick shots and cool lineups. After all, it’s still got one of the most competitive scenes out there, with players continuing to battle each other out with clutch goals. However, you’ve yet to see a goal score as cute as this one!

In probably the most wholesome gaming moment for Rocket League to date, Streamer Chell‘s dog Apollo takes over her gaming setup to show the world that dogs can be pro gamers too.

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23-year-old Streamer Chell is one of many on Twitch that continues to stream Rocket League, taking part in its online competitive community. One day, during her stream on February 7th, one of Chell’s viewers asked if her dog could try and take the reigns for a goal.

Of course, with a request like that, Chell had to see if Apollo had what it takes to be a Rocket League pro. She loaded up a sandbox mode for her sweet dog, and sat him down in her chair. Equipping him with her headset and placing a controller in his mouth, Chell encouraged Apollo to try and score a goal. Surprisingly, it seems like Apollo knew just what to do; he gently prods the ball towards the goal, eventually pushing it far enough to score.

Streamer Dog Scores Goal in Rocket League
Get that dog a contract! // via @chellchee‘s Twitter

Following the goal, Chell proudly exclaims, “Apollo you’re insane!! You’re so insane!!” and rewards the sweet pup with some well-deserved pets. The clip, taken from her stream, quickly went viral, spreading the gamer dog’s success across Twitter. It certainly looks like Apollo’s well on his way to becoming a pro like his owner.

Of course, there might’ve been a tiny bit of help from Chell behind the scenes, but who knows – maybe Apollo will one day reach the top of the Rocket League competitive scene! We’ve reached out to Chell for the full video and are waiting on further correspondence. In the meantime, check out her viral clip in the tweet below:

Chell is a content creator for Torrent, a challenger Esports organization. She regularly plays Rocket League as an active member of its community, and you can check out her Twitch here. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter!

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