Even after three hours, the fans will want another three more.

Time spent with Batman is always well spent and Matt Reeves’ game-changing new blockbuster will be looked back on by many as the greatest cinematic experience of 2022.

Stepping into the shoes of Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson wears the cape this time around, bringing to the screen a more conflicted and complex Batman than perhaps we’ve ever seen before in live-action.

Collaborating with James Gordon, the aim of the game is to stop the Riddler as he continues to murder Gotham’s elite and expose the extent of corruption in a city riddled with criminals.

There’s simply so much detail to digest across the film’s length, and thoughts have turned to the potential future of the franchise.

Speaking of which, some believe The Batman (2022) may have just teased Bane.


still from The Batman trailer, Warner Bros. Pictures

The Batman may slip in a Bane reference

Bane is one of Batman’s most notorious and widely known villains, forever cemented within the realm of popular culture.

He was most notably portrayed by Tom Hardy in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. But could we be seeing another take on the character soon?

Looking back over events in The Batman, the Riddler’s plot to flood the city is well underway and its residents have taken refuge inside Gotham Square Garden, where the Riddler’s accomplices are waiting to orchestrate the rest of the plan.

However, Batman arrives on the scene to take them down, accompanied by Catwoman.

During a particularly tense moment, Batman is hit with a shotgun blast and is somewhat paralysed as one of Riddler’s goons grapples with Catwoman. To save the day, Batman recovers a green liquid from his suit and injects it into his arm, causing him to rage out and beat the thug before coming to his senses.

It’s widely believed that the substance was a dose of adrenaline, which is likely considering the response from Batman. On the other hand, some suspect that it’s the Venom drug that scientists used to experiment on Bane with, lending him superstrength.

The Batman | Main Trailer

The Batman | Main Trailer

Bane theories emerge on Twitter

Although it’s just a theory and nobody has confirmed whether the substance is Venom or not, that hasn’t stopped fans weighing in their thoughts.

Check out a selection of tweets:

10 actors who would make a great Bane

The question comes down to this: in Matt Reeves’ new Batman universe, who would make the perfect Bane?

Given Colin Farrell was a strange but great choice for Penguin, some of our suggestions here are a little unconventional too, and would perhaps usher in a vision for the antagonist unlike anything we’ve seen before:

The Batman is now in cinemas.

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