Netflix has just confirmed the international release date and time for the upcoming Arabic-language TV series, The Exchange.

Netflix has an extensive library of content from around the world and this week, the OTT streaming giant is set to premiere its latest offering from the growing Arab entertainment industry.

The Exchange tells the incredible story of Farida and Munira, two women who fought against all ever-changing odds to make it big in the 1980s Kuwait stock market.

Here is everything that fans need to know about The Exchange, including the synopsis, release date, and time around the world.

The Exchange release date and time confirmed by Netflix

The Exchange is scheduled to premiere around the world via the Netflix streaming platform on Wednesday, February 8.

The Netflix Media Center has confirmed that all episodes from season 1 of The Exchange will release for OTT streaming at the following times:

The Exchange season 1 consists of six individual episodes.

What is The Exchange TV series all about?

The Exchange is inspired by true events, following the story of two women called Farida and Munira who attempt to infiltrate, then dominate the Kuwaiti stock markets in the 1980s.

After a recent divorce, Farida is “on a mission to prove she can provide for her daughter” and decides to become self-sufficient by teaming up with Munira, her cousin. Munira on the other hand, is a Clerk for the Bank of Tomorrow’s Trading Division, at the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

Taking very few prisoners in this cut-throat industry, Munira and Farida “face challenges as they shatter the glass ceiling of the male-oriented financial market, embarking on a journey of sisterhood, perseverance, ambition and strength.”

“I grew up in Kuwait, surrounded by empowered women who were pioneering industries, especially in finance. They demanded to be heard and succeeded, breaking into the workforce and blazing new trails for future generations. ‘The Exchange’ is my love letter to them, bringing an amalgamation of them to life in Farida and Munira in a new and exciting way.” – Nadia Ahmed, via Netflix Media Center.

Co-creators Anne and Adam Sobel added how The Exchange is “a labor of love, the result of years of collaboration and hard work as we researched the 80s to build the visceral world in an authentic way.”

“Having grown up in Kuwait and being surrounded by independent women my whole life, this production is one that is close to my heart. Rawan and Mona perfectly depict the struggles women experienced back in the 80’s and I can’t wait for the world to see their characters’ story unfold on the big screen. Besides the plot, I am excited for the audience to see how we brought this era to life, that brings together local and international expertise in a high production masterpiece, shot and produced entirely in Kuwait.” – Producer Abdullah Boushahri, via Netflix Media Center.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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