Previous Gladiator, Russell Crowe, has turned exorcist in the latest horror from Sony to release in the sub-genre and we discuss how The Pope’s Exorcist 2 was teased alongside multiple sequels and reveal where to watch the movie, confirming if it’s streaming on Netflix.

Filming for the movie based in Italy and Spain took place in Dublin and Limerick, Ireland, as well as the city’s Trinity College.

Directed by Julius Avery and based on true stories from Father Gabriele Amorth’s memoirs, An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories, the supernatural horror, The Pope’s Exorcist, follows the titular demon hunter who must embark on his most harrowing encounter of evil.

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for The Pope’s Exorcist**

The Pope’s Exorcist 2 teased alongside multiple sequels

Instead of a post-credits scene, the future of The Pope’s Exorcist was teased in the final moments of the movie.

After Father Amorth and Father Esquibel defeated Asmosdeus, the former brings Esquibel to meet the Pope back at the Vatican.

Bishop Lumumba then takes the pair into the library and explains that Asmodeus’ domain in the abbey of San Sebastian was only one of 199 locations on Friar Ojeda’s map where Satan’s forces dwell.

Tasked with visiting all locations, Amorth asks for Esquibel’s help fulfilling the lifetime’s worth of work, to which he agrees.

This final scene not only teases The Pope’s Exorcist 2 but multiple sequels on the horizon if the debut is popular enough.

There may not be 199 sequels on the table, but there seems to be an abundance of stories from Amorth’s memoirs to adapt.

Where to watch The Pope’s Exorcist – Is it streaming on Netflix?

The only place you will be able to watch The Pope’s Exorcist right now is in your local theatre.

Since the movie is being distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, it is likely the horror will come to Netflix in due course – following the release pattern of other Sony projects.

What’s On Netflix confirmed that the movie would definitely be coming to the streaming platform in the US – expected to appear by the end of 2023.

Past Sony movies have taken anywhere between 120 to 225 days to arrive on the platform, and when the horror arrives, it will be available to stream for 18 months. 

Russell Crowe as Father Amorth sitting in candlelight wearing black robes and looking over his shoulder in The Pope's Exorcist
The Pope’s Exorcist – Cr. Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

Meet The Pope’s Exorcist cast

Russell Crowe is the lead exorcist from the Vatican, based on the real-life demon hunter, Father Gabriele Amorth.

Amorth is joined by Daniel Zovatto’s, Father Esquibel, who must save single mother Alex Essoe and her character’s children, played by Laurel Marsden and Peter DeSouza-Feighoney.

The voice of the demon is played by Ralph Ineson, famed for appearing in The Witch and The Green Knight.

Below we have listed the main cast and characters of The Pope’s Exorcist:

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

The Pope’s Exorcist is now in theatres worldwide.

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