How many episodes are in Vinland Saga season 2 and why should fans be aware that the current total doesn’t match the release schedule?

Vinland Saga season 2 continues to deliver both beautiful artwork and character progression, with Thorfinn’s recent emotional journey to Valhalla in episode 9 showcasing just how far our MC has come, or rather how far he has fallen.

However, with portions of the global anime fanbase becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of action, many fans are already looking ahead to what’s next for the main storyline. Specifically, how many episodes are in Vinland Saga season 2, and why should fans be aware that the current release schedule doesn’t match up?

How many episodes are in Vinland Saga season 2?

Vinland Saga season 2 will consist of 24 individual episodes, the same as season 1.

This was confirmed in a livestream with some of the production staff, with sound effects lead Takuya Hasegawa explaining “I thought it wouldn’t make sense if I only do until the end of the first season.”

“For that reason, with the help of many people, we were able to do everything right up until the farm story. In that sense, I felt like I was working on all 48 episodes of the Vinland Saga. I hope everyone is looking forward to it.”

However, fans should note that whilst the anime is expected to continue its weekly episode release into the Spring slate, this has actually not yet been confirmed.

This means that Vinland Saga season 2 will be either utilizing a split-cour release format (taking a break in Spring, returning in Summer) or will continue its broadcast directly into the new slate (Spring).

Fans question anime pacing once again

Whilst character development takes center point in the series, the lack of action sequences in Vinland Saga season 2 continues to frustrate anime-only fans.

In fact, it has gotten to the point that viewers are now calling the anime ‘boring’, prompting a wave of backlash against the series’ slower pacing.

One Reddit user shared in a thread how “If it’s too frustrating following week to week, you can try waiting for all the episodes to come out (or at least the first 12) and binge them.” Another user would then agree, “They should really have considered releasing the episodes in packs to binge.”

“The farmland arc is initially a very slow arc, so watching it week to week is really not going to be fun. I realized this after watching season 1 and the first episode of season 2. Went ahead and binged the rest of the manga. And honestly it was the better”

Interestingly, this was an aspect of Vinland Saga season 2 that was already explored by the production team, with director Shuhei Yabuta acknowledging that “Some people might think that the story of this season isn’t suitable for anime series, but I don’t.”

“Certainly, the storytelling is unique. But there is an important phase of the whole story in this season. And I believe it will make this anime special.”

In a follow-up tweet, Yabuya would add, “Showy events will decrease and the pace of the story will slow down.”

“However, the emotions of the characters move more greatly and fiery. I promise that there is a unique experience like no other. I hope you all enjoy season 2!”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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