Attack on Titan has traumatized viewers throughout its broadcast, but these six incredibly sad character deaths will stick with us.

Attack on Titan is one of the most brutal anime out there, with countless fan-favorite characters being killed off and eaten by hungry monsters.

However, there are a few character deaths that truly stick with fans; perhaps not because they had more screen time than others, but because of the nature of their passing itself.

Here is our ranked list for the six saddest deaths in Attack on Titan, ahead of the season 4 part 3 premiere this weekend.

Six of the saddest deaths in Attack on Titan so far

Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith’s death will undoubtedly go down as not only one of the most emotionally charged but ultimately, one of the most awe-inspiring send-offs in anime history.

Erwin had been somewhat of a father figure in Attack on Titan throughout its earlier seasons, acting as the commander of the Scout regiment and encompassing all of the harsh responsibilities that come with being its leader.

Whilst this was indeed one of the main reasons why fans were sad to see Erwin killed, it was the manner in which the OG Scout bowed out that truly made this character iconic. Rallying his soldiers for one last charge at the Beast Titan, Erwin exclaimed how it’s only the living who give true meaning to the dead’s lives.

“We die trusting the living who follow to find meaning in our lives! That is the sole method which we can rebel against this cruel world! My soldiers, Rage! My soldiers, Scream! My Soldiers, Fight!”

Sasha Blouse

Arguably the single most shocking death in Attack on Titan so far, anime-only fans were stunned to watch Gabi board the Scout airship in an attempt to kill Eren…Only to end up shooting poor Sasha through the chest.

Sasha was easily one of the most popular side characters in the series at the time, with her various food-related crises being a touching yet consistent point of humor in what would otherwise be a rather humorless world.

From potatoes and seafood to meat and ice cream, Sasha’s hunger to be the comic relief pushed her up fans’ favorite character polls each season; however, it was the reaction to her death that truly cemented her place on this list.

Every single character was heartbroken by her loss, with Connie, Jean, and Nicolo particularly struggling to come to terms with her passing. It says a lot about a character when they can command such emotions from beyond the grave, especially to the point where audiences around the world mourn the loss as if she was a real person.

Colt Grice

Colt Grice’s death often goes overlooked because we didn’t spend much time with the character and his death occurred in the middle of one of the most important episodes in the anime series history. That being said, Colt’s passing is deeply traumatic when you truly think about his last moments, spent begging Zeke to spare his younger brother.

Colt had only been reunited with Falco for a few moments before he was told that his younger brother would soon be turning into a Titan, along with the rest of the Eldians who had drunk tainted wine.

Despite Colt trying to reason with Zeke by using the bond between brothers, the Beast Titan would ultimately let out an ear-piercing scream that marked the end for the Marleyan Warrior Candidate.

Not only was Colt unable to save Falco from being turned into a Titan, but his younger brothers’ transformation was the very thing that burnt him to a crisp; if you have an older sibling, this one hits home a little harder.

Keith Shadis and Theo Magath

Many fans may not have expected the deaths of these two old-school warriors to be grouped together; however, the manner in which they chose to spend their final moments is truly saddening.

These opposing generals, who were mortal enemies just a few hours prior, gained an unspoken sense of comradery as they prepared to blow up a cruiser that Floch would have used to give chase to our makeshift Marley-Scout heroes.

Keith noted that he had been searching for a good place to die, and the two spend their final moments thinking about the young people who they have cared for the past two decades.

In an instance of stoic sadness, Keith and Theo exchanged only their names; giving each other a wry smile, igniting the gunpowder.

Dot Pyxis

Dot Pixis, similar to Erwin Smith, had been a father figure to many of the characters in Attack on Titan, helping train them as cadets and then leading Scout forces against the Jaegerists.

Pyxis was among the Eldians who had drunk Marleyan wine tainted with Zeke’s spinal fluid but despite this, he leads a daring charge around the flanks of the titans attacking the Shiganshina Military headquarters.

In the moments just before his death, Pyxis resigns himself to his fate and gives the audience a slight smile. The sad part of Pyxis’ passing was the fact that it was ultimately Armin, one of his own cadets, who was forced to kill him; bringing a cruel end to a character that deserved a more heroic death.

Marco Bott

Marco’s passing was easily one of the most traumatic deaths of the earlier seasons of Attack on Titan, but it was only in the later episodes of season 4 that the true story was revealed.

Marco confronted Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt after overhearing them talking about their Marleyan plans; however, the trio decided not to kill him themselves, but to leave him before a hungry titan to be eaten alive.

The saddest part of Marco’s death, aside from the betrayal of his closest friends, was the fact that his ODM gear was removed prior to the titan attack.

ODM gear is the lifeline of the Scout regiment and its absence was the final nail in poor Marco’s coffin; no chance to escape, no reprisal from his friends, and no one to witness his final moments.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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