Pinhead has been one of the staple horror icons alongside Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and more, for a number of decades, and we highlight how the Hellraiser franchise has evolved when it comes to filming locations for Hulu’s 2022 reboot.

The story follows a young woman and her addiction, which leads her to encounter a mysterious ancient puzzle box. As curiosity gets the better of her, she soon learns that its function summons terrifying Cenobites.

Directed by David Bruckner and written by Ben Collins, David S. Goyer, and Luke Piotrowski, Hulu’s Hellraiser is a new adaptation of the 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker and stars Odessa A’zion as Riley and Jamie Clayton as the sinister protagonist Pinhead or the Hell Preist.

Only Murders in the Building | Season 2 Trailer | Hulu

Only Murders in the Building | Season 2 Trailer | Hulu

Where was Hellraiser 2022 Filmed?

The 2022 reboot Hellraiser was filmed primarily in Serbia, to take advantage of the country’s varied landscape to create an otherworldly setting.

Principle photography for the reboot began in July 2021 and filming wrapped in October of the same year.

With a majority of the movie being lensed and filmed in Serbia’s capital and largest city, Belgrade, director David Bruckner shared why he chose this location to film with Entertainment Weekly:

“Belgrade has some really interesting architecture that feels very ‘Hellraiser’ actually, that we were able to incorporate. I hope there’s a look across all the spaces and locations that feels slightly adjacent to reality as we know it. There’s a grounded realism, but occasionally you’ll see numerous Romanesque archways throughout various environments.”

Filming Locations in the Original Hellraiser

The original 1987 Hellraiser, directed by creator Clive Barker, was shot in the London suburbs at one house in particular that gave the live-action debut its alienating atmosphere.

The narrative depicts Clare Higgins’ Julia Cotton attempting to revive Frank Cotton with blood within a residence at ‘55 Lodovico Street.’

In the real world, the house that was used to bring Hellraiser to life is actually a private home located at 187 Dollis Hill Lane in London overlooking Cricklewood.

While the private home supplied the interior shots of the Higgins’ residence as well, other interior shots for the 80s feature took place at Production Village Studio, which is now gone.

Who Plays Pinhead in 2022’s Hellraiser?

The Pinhead mantle is being passed from original actor Doug Bradley, who played the lead Cenobite in the first eight Hellraiser movies, to Jamie Clayton.

Clayton is known for her roles in Sense8 playing Nomi Marks, Designated Survivor, and The L Word: Generation Q.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, Clayton explained what the Hell Priest outfit was made of and the challenges that presented:

“One of our first Zooms that I had with David [Bruckner], he showed me the drawings by Keith [Thompson], and I was completely blown away…There’s so much of me just trying to breathe because it doesn’t expand because it’s so thick and tight, the silicone, the molded suit part of it. Then once the neck goes on, it’s very constricting.”  

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Hellraiser is now streaming on Hulu.

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