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Who does Devi end up with? Never Have I Ever Season 3 Ending Explained

Never Have I Ever Season 3 has been a roller coaster ride. Like the previous seasons, it indeed showed Devi romancing handsome guys. However, this time, we witnessed a love cube. Fans who have watched the latest season of Never Have I Ever already know what happened at the end. But, fans who can’t wait for the finale episode to learn who Devi Vishwakumar will end up with, we are here to help.

The teen drama on Netflix has revolved around Devi, Paxton, and Ben since it first premiered on the platform in 2020. However, the third season made fans speechless by introducing an attractive Indian guy named Nirdesh (nicknamed Des) to the show. Undoubtedly, Des adds up to Devi’s love interests list.

Never Have I Ever | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix India

Never Have I Ever | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix India

Note: Beware of the ahead spoilers

Who gets Devi at the end of Never Have I Ever Season 3?

The second season of Never Have I Ever concluded with Paxton and Devi making their relationship official in front of the entire school. So, the third season started with the duo walking in the school’s corridor holding hands and the students staring at them. Later, Devi overhears a few girls discussing why would a famous guy like Paxton date a not-so-cool girl.

Devi couldn’t take this conversation out of her mind, so she got insecure and tried several stupid things to make their relationship work. Then, she received a DM from an anonymous person calling out Paxton as a different person from what Devi thinks he is. However, she initially thought it to be a prank, so she decided not to entertain the DM’er. She told Paxton about this, and he also asked her not to get engaged in these things.

Soon, Devi found that Hailey was texting her all the way because Paxton had ghosted her in the past. Learning this, Devi asks Paxton to apologize to Hailey or else she will break up with him. After a short separation, Paxton apologized to Hailey and all the girls for his wrongdoings. However, after that, Devi started feeling jealous seeing Hailey and Paxton’s friendship. So, one day she confronted Paxton and asked him why he was with her. In reply, Paxton broke up with her by saying that they couldn’t have a real relationship if she didn’t love herself.

Several days after the breakup, Paxton moved on with a girl named Phoebe, and Devi was heartbroken. However, things changed when Des entered the picture. He’s the son of Devi’s mother’s new friend Rhyah. After a brief dating period, the duo broke up because Des started ignoring her as his mother didn’t find Devi right for him.

Paxton mentioned Devi in his thanking speech on the last day of school. Devi gets emotional while returning home, and she postpones her plan to go to the Shrubland School in Colorado for her senior year. Later, she went to Ben and handed him a coupon that reads “ONE FREE BOINK.” She went in and kissed Ben. So, in the end, Devi decided to get together with our beloved Ben.

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