The release of the trailer of Jurassic World Dominion introduced a lot of exciting characters, Isabella Sermon being one of them. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Like all the movies from the Jurassic Park franchise, the new Jurassic World Dominion will have its place in the sun. It’s the sixth movie of the Jurassic Park franchise and finally a conclusion to Jurassic World. But it doesn’t mean that Jurassic Park as a whole will be coming to an end. In an interview, Frank Marshall told that Dominion will be the beginning of a new era. It simply means that new sequels are on their way after the new movie.

So it’s a sigh of relief for those who don’t want the world of Jurassic Park to come to an end and always want the new movies and new characters to introduce.

Jurassic World Dominion | Official Trailer

Jurassic World Dominion | Official Trailer

Isabella Sermon In Jurassic World Dominion

If you are new to the world of Jurassic Park, then you might have noticed Isabella Sermon in the new trailer of Jurassic World Dominion. And if you have watched the previous movies of the series, then you must have noticed her before in the 2018 movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom where she first played the role of Maisie Lockwood.

Isabella Sermon has a charming face and she is a British actress born on 6th July 2006. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was her first movie as an actress and now Jurassic World Dominion is the second one. Despite being her first movie, Isabella played her part in the movie really well and she was the first human character in the franchise who was a clone.

Debatably, Maisie saved the world by freeing the dinosaurs, which resulted in the T.rex of Isla Nublar eating Eli Mills and destroying the i.rex bone. If this incident would not have happened, Eli Mills would have used the bone to create hybrid dinosaurs, even more ferocious than the current ones. Isabella a.k.a Maisie was one of the most important characters of her first movie and will definitely be playing an important role in Jurassic World Dominion as well.

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