1899 Season 1 focuses on a ship that’s carrying passengers from different parts of the world. So, it’s evident that the passengers speak multiple languages, and here, we reveal the languages we hear throughout the Netflix Sci-fi series.

The series comes from the creators of Dark, and it has not disappointed us at all. In fact, the story has it all that fans were expecting. The characters, storyline, and all the aspects of the TV series are good enough to keep fans curious about it. From the start, the series’ plot is so complex that no one can predict further incidents.

1899 | Official Teaser | Netflix

1899 | Official Teaser | Netflix

What are the languages spoken in Netflix’s 1899?

The main protagonists of the show, Eyk Larsen and Maura Franklin, are seen speaking English. At the same time, there are so many passengers of other nationalities, and they are seen speaking their mother tongue. For instance, some of the characters who played vital roles in the series speak French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, German, and Cantonese.

However, if you cannot understand any of the above languages, you can read the subtitles and understand what the characters are speaking.

What is the original language of the Sci-fi TV series?

1899 was created by the German creators of the fantastic Sci-fi show Dark, which was entirely in German. However, this time the creators kept it partial. For instance, the passengers who boarded Kerberos belonged to different places; hence, the series involves different languages.

Interestingly, the cast of the series has been selected smartly by the creators; every character belonging to a specific country is played by the actors of the same country in reality.

Let’s start with the ship’s German captain Eyk Larsen, who is portrayed by the German actor Andreas Pietschmann. Next, we talk about the British lead lady Maura Franklin, who the British-American actress Emily Beecham plays.

The French cast includes Mathilde Ollivier as Clemence and Maciej Musial, the Polish actor who plays Olek, a Polish worker on Kerberos. Besides them, the Danish passenger Krester is played by the Danish actor Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen.

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