When almost all the characters from 1899 are introduced, there comes a mysterious man at the end of the premiere episode. Seeing him, fans wonder who he is. Well, this article is all about Daniel Solace and how he is somehow connected to our lead lady Maura Franklin.

Warning- Spoilers from 1899 ahead

Daniel Solace is one of the characters who seem to have secretive motives from the start. Moreover, he also kept on seeking Maura over and over again. Shockingly, he approaches the little boy who was found alive in the Prometheus and asks him if he has found “it.” In one instance, he looks at Maura’s picture as if he knows her already.

1899 | Official Teaser | Netflix

1899 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Who is Daniel Solace in the Netflix series 1899?

Daniel Solace is one of the passengers who boarded Kerberos. He is always seen with a green scarab and a mysterious look on his face. Daniel is looking for his wife, who is lost somewhere, and as the TV series moves forward, it’s revealed that his wife is none other than Maura. The truth comes in front when using a remote, Daniel successfully makes Eyk disappear. That’s when Daniel discloses the truth to Maura. He also reveals that it’s all a Simulation, which her brother controls from the outside.

The sci-fi Tv series also reveals that the weird little boy is Maura and Daniel’s son Elliot. Daniel has done all the strange things to bring back Maura from the Simulation. When everything was coming out clear, Daniel also said that if Maura didn’t return back to her family, she would be trapped in the Simulation, and she won’t be able to remember anything from her past life ever again.

Who plays Daniel Solace in 1899?

Aneurin Barnard plays Daniel Solace in 1899. Apart from 1899, the latest work of Barnard was seen in Peaky Blinders as Doctor Holford. However, in the TV series, he just appeared in two episodes.

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