The internet is obsessed with a bizarre fan-owned Family Guy bar that has popped up in Osaka, Japan.

Make ours a Pawtucket Patriot Ale! In case there was any doubt about the dedication of Family Guy‘s cult following, the show has flexed its international muscles after scores of fans discovered a bar dedicated to the show all the way out in Japan. Thanks to a Youtuber with a passion for exploring, fans have been gifted a virtual visit to the knock-off Drunken Clam.

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Family Guy has an unofficial bar in Japan

Though most of the show’s viewership is unlikely to be located close by, for anyone living or traveling in Japan, you may be in luck – as the viral Family Guy bar is based in central Osaka.

While it is unofficial and in no way related to the TV show’s production company, Fox, the owners of the bar did opt to stick with the name of the iconic Quahog watering hole, The Drunken Clam.

Given that Pawtucket Ale is probably quite hard to source in Osaka, (or anywhere for that matter) it doesn’t look like you can get yourself an authentic beer – though there are definitely Family Guy-themed cocktails on offer all year round.

The bar even sold its own merch at one point, offering Drunken Clam Japan t-shirts to fans online for ¥4000, which works out at around $28-29.

Inside the hallowed Osaka bar

YouTube travel expert Nick Robinson was fortunate enough to venture into the Family Guy bar, and, judging from his vlog, appeared to really enjoy himself.

The first striking thing viewers noticed when checking out the video was the same thing that caught the eyes of so many fans online – the bizarre paintings on the stairway into and within the bar itself.

Rather surreal depictions of Stewie, Peter and Quagmire can be seen dotted around the bar and clearly serve as a reminder of the theme to any traveling drinker who may have forgotten where exactly they are.

Once inside the bar, Robinson was given a tour of the bar’s extensive collection of merch, (which included some rather disturbing dolls of Pter and Losi wearing BDSM gear), and was even offered a glass of ‘Giggity Juice’ – though the exact ingredients of cocktail made in homage to Quagmire were unclear.

The bar is English speaking, Canadian owned, and customers can expect to be greeted with karaoke when they arrive. Sadly, no one appeared to be singing any of the songs from Family Guy when Robinson visited, though maybe that is for the best as many of them are rather controversial.

Online Family Guy fans want to go on Chum Bucket pilgrimage

The Family Guy corner of the internet has seen enough, and people are desperate to pay The Drunken Clam a visit.

When footage of the bar first went viral on TikTok, one excited would-be punter wrote “I NEED TO GO”, though another fan in the comments stressed “No way im drinking quagmires juice” – probably a good call.

And fans on Twitter were unsurprisingly in agreement about the Giggity Juice:

For anyone planning a big trip to Japan and a fan of Family Guy, it should now be pretty obvious what the number one item on your to-do list should be.

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