A set of adorable Chainsaw Man Nendoroid figurines are now available to pre-order for fans of anime collectibles.

If you are an avid fan of a particular anime or manga series, there are countless ways that you can support a franchise and add an interesting collection to your possessions.

Arguably the most popular anime collections involve figurines of individual characters; in different styles, poses, or outfits.

As Chainsaw Man continues to dominate the 2022 Fall broadcasting slate alongside Bleach TYBW, a new set of Nendoroid figurines are available to pre-order online.

New Chainsaw Man Nendoroid figures announced

Today, November 29, the GoodSmile company announced that pre-orders are now open for a new range of Makima Nendoroid figurines.

The Makima Nendoroid comes with three different face plates; one standard, one smiling, and one with the ‘triangular’ mouth.

Also included in the figurine are a “lollipop and her trench coat as optional parts, allowing you to create all kinds of scenes from the series in Nendoroid form.” The Nendoroid is hand-painted and stands approximately 100mm tall.

Pre-orders are now available via the GoodSmile website, set to release in June 2023; the price is 6,200 Yen (approximately $45).

Available collectibles from the same collection now include Makima, Power, Denji, Aki, and Kobeni; all in the adorable Nendoroid art style.

However, some of these are still set for pre-orders only; Power and Denji figurines were re-released for November 2022, Aki is set to launch alongside Makima in June 2023.

If the Nendoroid design isn’t your style, there are also a wide variety of standard figurines available to purchase online. One such model is of Denji in his Chainsaw Man hybrid form; set to release in April 2023 via Tamashii Web.

How many episodes are left in Chainsaw Man season 1?

Chainsaw Man episode 8 is scheduled to premiere around the world in just a few short hours, November 29, via the Crunchyroll streaming platform.

As confirmed by the Blu-Ray DVD boxset listings on the official Chainsaw Man website, season 1 of the MAPPA-led adaptation will consist of 12 individual episodes:

This means that, including the upcoming episode 8, there are just five episodes left from Chainsaw Man’s debut season!

Make sure to pre-order your Chainsaw Man Nendoroid figurines before the season 1 finale and whilst stocks last.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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