Alice in Borderland‘s first game Osmosis, created by Shitara from Kyuma’s team, hinted at what level of games we will be seeing throughout the new season. As the game states, the losing team will lose their lives, so fans want to know whether the King of Clubs, Kyuma, dies or survives.

Warning: Spoilers from Alice in Borderland Season 2 episodes 2 and 3 ahead

Kyuma’s first appearance in Alice in Borderland Season 2 wasn’t pleasing at all, as he came fully naked in front of everyone. Secondly, he turned out to be the King of Clubs, which indicated him as a villain. However, over time, fans got emotionally attached to him when he acted like a compassionate guy. For instance, several times, he was seen encouraging Arisu to give his best to win the game of death.

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Does Kyuma die in Alice in Borderland S2?

Yes, Kyuma, along with his team, meets his death at the end of the game, Osmosis in Alice in Borderland Season 2. The game came with many complexities. The Player team and the King of Clubs team were playing it for the first time, so no one was a pro at it. Even though Arisu was playing something like this for the first time, his gaming ideas were helping him to be ahead of the opponents.

Their less skilled player, Tatta, was responsible for standing at the base and restricting the other team’s players from touching the base pole. Kyuma was smart enough to use it as an opportunity, so he reached there and touched the base with three players from his team. Shitara lost because he was the only one whom Tatta touched, so he died on the spot after the completion of the time.

Later, Tatta felt guilty about not being able to help his team, so he started smashing his hand. When Arisu reached his location, he tried to stop him, but Tatta had a plan to make his team win. He asked Arisu to take the bracelet out of his hand and hide it in his pocket; this would merge their scores, and he could use it against Kyuma’s team. Initially, Arisu disagrees but seeing his friend’s situation, he agrees and goes to see Kyuma. After talking with him, he asked if he could shake hands with him one last time before dying. Kyuma agrees, but when he shakes his hand with Arisu, every team member is shocked to see the Player team gaining more points. The players’ team gets ahead of Kyuma’s team by 1000 points. Hence, every member of the King of Clubs including Kyuma loses their life.

What is the Osmosis game about?

The series of death matches begin with Osmosis, a complicated game of life and death invented by Shitara. The game involves three things: Battle, Item, and Base. The players will have to earn scores with the help of the aforementioned methods, and the team earning fewer points will die. Each team will begin with 10,000 points that will be divided among all the members of the group. It’s not necessary to divide the scores evenly.

If one player wants to battle any member of the other team, that player’s score must be more than the one he is targeting. Two players can also attack the other team’s player by holding each other’s hand; this way, the scores of both players get combined. So this can help them beat the opponent.

Secondly, there are six hidden item boards in some containers in the harbor that the players must find and press the button to earn points. Lastly, the base is the point with infinite scores. If a player touches the base of his own team, their score will be infinite. However, touching other team’s base will reward them with 10,000 points. The team with the least point will lose when the timer runs out. Conversely, a player will lose their life if their score drops to 0 at any point during the game.

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