Alice in Borderland is available to stream on Netflix, and the show has a lot of things that make it unique in its own way. Besides the games, one more thing that fans loved was the chemistry between the titular characters, Arisu and Usagi. Well, this article will not only reveal whether they end up together at the end of Alice in Borderland S2, but you will also come to know if they get together in the manga.

Warning- Spoilers ahead from Alice in Borderland S2 and manga

Alice in Borderland S2 is a perfect binge-watching experience if you are looking for a thriller series that’s full of twists and turns.

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Do Arisu and Usagi end up together in Alice in Borderland S2?

Unfortunately, Arisu and Usagi do not get together in the second season of the sci-fi mystery television series. However, it’s not a bad ending for the couple either, as Arisu asks Usagi for a walk.

After ending the last game of Borderland, players receive two options, i.e., either to stay in Borderland forever by accepting citizenship or to return to the real world. Except for Yaba and Banda, everyone chooses to go back.

The ending of the eighth episode also showed a flashback revealing how everything started. We learned that while every player was leading their normal life with their loved ones, one day, due to a meteor explosion, an area of Tokyo was demolished, killing millions of people. The ones who were alive were teleported to an alternate version of Tokyo called Borderland. However, when Arisu opened his eyes, he found himself in the hospital. He learned that his heartbeat stopped for one minute when the explosion occurred in Tokyo.

Arisu said that it felt like much more than one minute. Later, we see Kuina, Akane, Ann, Chishiya, Aguni, and Usagi in the hospital. No one had any memories of Borderland. So, when Arisu and Usagi came across each other in the hospital, they couldn’t recognize each other, but they still believed that they had met before. After that, Arisu asks Usagi if she is comfortable going out for a walk with him, and she agrees.

Do Arisu and Usagi get together in the manga?

Yes, Arisu and Usagi get together in the manga. After returning from the Borderlands, the two get into a relationship within two years and get married after dating for six years.

While the couple is about to welcome their firstborn, Arisu meets with an accident that teleports him to the Borderland once again.

Hopefully, we will get to see the story of Arisu and Usagi in the third season of Alice in Borderland.

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