While most of the games in Alice in Borderland S2 involve physical activities, the Diamonds games involve mental activities and are played mostly in small venues. These games are created by Kings of Diamonds, so who is he?

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

WARNING: Spoilers from Alice in Borderland S2

In the previous season, we see a beach executive Mira Kano, who later comes out as Queen of hearts. The latest season also shows another Beach executive who was King of Diamonds all the time, but no one was aware of that. Well, this article mentions who is behind the title, King of Diamonds.

Alice in Borderland S2 King of Diamonds Explained

A beach executive named Keiichi Kuzuryu turns out to be the King of Diamonds, who created the game Beauty Contest and chose the Supreme Court as the venue. The game involved five people, including Chishiya

Kuzuryu appears to be a man of few words and is not even seen smiling once throughout his role in Alice in Borderland S2. The Netflix series also showed a few flashbacks of him that revealed that he was a potent International lawyer who valued life before coming to the borderlands. He also believed in justice and equality, due to which he often lost the chances he deserved in his profession.

Lastly, losing his own game to Chishiya made him smile with watery eyes as he believed that he could be free from the despair of the borderlands now.

What is the game Beauty Contest about?

Beauty Contest is a game that involves five players, including the King himself. All the players, once seated, cannot leave their seats before clearing the game. They have been given one tablet each, using which they need to play the game. Moreover, buckets over the top of their seats will be filled with sulphuric acid if any player earns a negative score. Once the player reaches up to -10 points, the bucket will get filled completely, and after that, the sulphuric acid will fall on the player, killing them.

The Beauty Contest is all about making strategies to win; besides that, one needs to read the opponents’ minds to win the game. So, the game rules suggest that all players must select any number between 0 and 100. After that, the average of the selected numbers will be multiplied by 0.8, and whosoever has chosen a number close to the calculated number gets a positive score. At the same time, the rest of the players will receive a negative score. As a player gets eliminated, two new rules will be added for the other players.

Initially, as the game begins, every player starts strategizing, but in the end, Chishiya wins just because he starts reading the mind of his opponents. However, one reason for his victory is Kuzuryu’s intentional sacrifice.

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