Aliens Area manga was Shonen Jump’s newest addition that started its serialization on June 2022, but it was cancelled before it could get a chance to shine.

The manga is written and illustrated by Fusai Naba, but it couldn’t make it to the top and ended in Jump magazine’s 47th issue with the 20th chapter of the manga. All the published chapters made it to Viz Media and Manga Plus in English for International fans.

However, it’s not something that comes as a shock because the community is already aware of the new mangas cancellations by Shonen Jump. According to Animenewsnetwork, the “second compiled volume, as well as the third and final compiled volume, will ship on February 3.”

What is Alien Area manga about?

The story of Alien Area manga revolves around a high school boy, Tatsumi Tatsunami, who lost his parents in a fire at a very young age. He is left with his younger brother, so apart from studying, Tatsumi worked as a part-timer for various organizations to avoid any financial crisis. One day, he gets bitten by an alien on his right hand, granting him several extraordinary powers. When the other aliens learned about him, they tried to get the advanced technology he received.

A strange man named Hajime Sharaku saves him and offers him a job work with him in Foreign Affairs Division Section 5. He asks him to help the team fight the alien threats and save the world. Tatsumi accepted the offer as he believed this could also help him earn more money for his brother.

Besides this, the plot of the manga is described in Manga Plus as follows:

Tokyo, Planet Earth… High schooler Tatsumi Tatsunami lost his parents at a young age and now works multiple part-time jobs to live a hectic but peaceful life with his younger siblings. One day his body undergoes a sudden change… And now mysterious beings are showing up at his house! In order to protect the people he holds dear, in order to protect Earth (or “area”), Tatsumi must awaken! He better, because “they” are already here! Rising star Fusai Naba brings this new cosmic action fantasy series to Shonen Jump!

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