The new era of the Pokemon TCG is now upon us and it ushers in a range of new changes, including different rarity symbols on the bottom of the cards.

The Scarlet and Violet base set is set to change up the formula, with not only the rarity symbols changing, but also the border color of the cards, the return of ex cards, the banishment of rainbow rares and traditional set logos and a brand new reverse holographic pattern.

These represent some of the largest changes in the recent history of the Pokemon TCG.

The new rarities and rarity symbols are likely to be one of the more confusing changes for Pokemon card collectors, so let’s take a look at what each of them means.

Every New Pokemon TCG Rarity and Rarity Symbol Explained

Players and collectors of the English language Pokemon TCG are used to a fairly simple set of symbols that represent rarity.

A circle defines common cards, a diamond for uncommon cards and a star for cards that are “rare and above”. This is all changing though, with Crown Zenith representing the last set to contain these symbols.

From Scarlet and Violet onwards, players will be presented with no fewer than six different symbols to keep an eye on, some containing different colours.

Now, common, uncommon and rare cards retain the same rarity symbol of the circle, diamond and star but every rarity above this is slightly different. We’ll break them down:

Standard ex Pokemon Card

Standard ex cards contain a pair of black stars, one above the other.

Full Art Pokemon and Trainer Cards

Full art Pokemon and trainer cards again contain two stars, however, this time, the stars are silver.

Gold Secret Rare Cards

Gold Secret rare cards, including both trainers/items and Pokemon contain a trio of gold stars for the rarity symbol.

AR Cards

The AR Subset no longer traditionally exists and won’t be part of its own mini set, like the Galarian Gallery or Trainer Gallery. The standard versions of these cards will come after the traditional set number, ala secret rares, and will be marked with a single gold star.

SAR Cards

In Japan, cards are marked as SAR (i.e Secret Art Rare). These cards make their way across to the English Pokemon TCG and are marked with two gold stars for their rarity symbol. These cards can be seen as the traditional “alt arts” we have come to expect and can contain both trainers, like the highly gradable Miriam and Pokemon.

And there you have it, every new rarity and rarity symbol in the Pokemon TCG.

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