The anticipated first episode of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 turned out to be a perfect blend of multiple emotions. Meaning fans were happy to see their beloved AOT characters on screens after a long wait, and on the other hand, the saddening deaths of some characters brought sorrow. The episode also hints toward the closeness brewing between Armin and Annie.

Seeing the detailings in AOT final season, fans are blown away, so as soon as the first episode of the latest season of the anime concluded, they started craving the second episode. Unfortunately, the awaited episode will arrive in Fall 2023. We don’t know the exact release date for now, but as the Fall starts in October, we may get to see the further installment of the final season at that time.

Does Annie have feelings for Armin in AOT?

Annie definitely has feelings for Armin. The newly released episode of AOT‘s final season showed Annie sitting alone, and that’s when Armin approaches her. Annie thanked him for visiting her regularly for the four years she was in the crystallization form. She also asks Armin why did he come to her and talked to her when she could not even respond. After that, she continues saying that there are numerous women in the world who are more interesting than her, so Armin could have approached any one of them instead of coming to her.

Annie starts blushing when Armin says that she doesn’t know why he used to miss her when she was not around. So, at this point, it was clear that Armin was expressing his love for Annie.

Later, talking to Mikasa, Annie says that she wants to spend her final moments in peace, and saying this, she constantly looks at Armin. When Mikasa notices this, she asks her about it, and Annie blushes again. So, it was evident that Annie loves Armin as well, and she wanted him to go with her, but she knew that he had to accompany his friends to stop Eren once and for all.

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