The much-awaited final season of Attack on Titan is released, and in one scene, every fan was shattered seeing Hange meet their death. So, let’s get deeper and find out if Hange dies in the latest season of the anime.

Despite the episode getting delayed on Crunchyroll, fans are not at all frustrated. That’s because fans couldn’t stop talking about the cinematography when the series got released on streaming platforms. Undoubtedly, all the seasons of AOT have been fantastic, but MAPPA left no stone unturned in the final season to make it even better.

For years, we have witnessed several beloved characters sacrificing themselves to protect humanity. Well, this article talks about Hange’s death in AOT Season 4 Part 3, Episode 1.

Hange’s death in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Explained

Unfortunately, Hange met their dark fate in the final season of Attack on Titan. Hange being the 14th Commander of the Survey Corps, possessed a considerable responsibility toward humanity and her fellow comrades. When they and the other comrades decide to go after Eren in the flying boat, Floch shows up and tries to destroy their vessel. He also shot bullets into the fuel tank of the ship. Comrades realize that they would need to buy some time to repair it.

Seeing the situation, Hange decides to make Armin take the lead, so they appoint him as the 15th Commander of the Survey Corps. After that, they start fighting the colossal titans. Hange also killed several of them, but then they could not protect themselves from the fire they caught while fighting them. Hange fell to the ground from the sky, and then they opened their eyes in front of all the comrades who had died while fulfilling their duties. They all congratulate Hange for fulfilling their responsibilities in the best way they could.

Why did Hange Choose Armin as the next leader of Survey Corps?

In their last minutes, Hange chose Armin as the leader of the Survey Corps. At that time, several fans were surprised because Levi was still alive; then why did Hange not give him the responsibility after them?

Well, there are several logical reasons for that. The first one is that apart from Mikasa, Armin was the one to know Eren really well, so he would play a crucial role in taking Eren down. Secondly, he is an intelligent thinker, so he will not make any decision that is not right for the group and humanity. Moreover, even though Levi survived, he is not in good shape to handle the titans, and he is also short-tempered, so he may make illogical decisions at times.

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