Crunchyroll has just revealed the full line-up for their upcoming Music Festival, with Attack on Titan “The Rumbling” band SiM set to headline.

Whilst they aren’t necessarily for everyone, there are countless reasons to experience an anime or comic convention.

However, music might not have been amongst your initial reasons to travel to this year’s major in-person events – but haven’t you heard? There’s a Rumbling comin’.

The Japanese rock band SiM, who shot to global fame following their rendition of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2’s opening theme song “The Rumbling” going viral earlier this year, are set to headline the upcoming Crunchyroll Music Fest – here’s everything fans need to know.

SiM at Crunchyroll Music Fest
Image from Press Release “Crunchy City Music Fest Lineup” provided by Crunchyroll PR/Hoxby

What is the Crunchy Music Fest?

The Crunchy Music Festival is the event that runs alongside the Crunchyroll Expo convention, showcasing music and performance arts associated with the wonderful world of anime.

Attending the three-day-long Crunchy Music Festival will grant fans access to the wider Crunchyroll Expo event, which runs from Friday, August 5th through until Sunday, August 7th.

As noted in a recent press release, attending the Crunchy Music Festival will have its own benefits, with the performances being an exclusive showcase and will not be broadcast outside the event.

“The New Crunchy City Music Fest will offer Crunchyroll Expo attendees three days of jam-packed performances with access included free with tickets to Crunchyroll Expo.” – Crunchyroll, via Press Release.

Attack on Titan’s SiM headlines musical line-up

The 2022 Crunchy Music Festival will be headlined by Japanese rock band SiM, who famously performed the opening theme song “The Rumbling” for Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 earlier this year.

The track is easily one of the most iconic songs from recent anime history and has garnered more than 52 million views and 22 million views across the Pony Canyon and SiM YouTube channels respectively.

Alongside SiM at the 2022 Crunchy Music Festival will be:

The press release notes how specific set times are yet to be publicly confirmed, so keep an eye out on social media if you are attending.

Crunchyroll Expo hype continues to rise

The hype for Crunchyroll’s 2022 Expo event continues to build as fans look forward to premieres, reveals and celebrations of all things anime.

The in-person event will feature four distinct zones, “the Central Shopping District, the Arts District home to nearly 150 artists, the Theater District showcasing anime premieres and screenings, and the Super Arcade featuring Club Yuzu.”

“Crunchyroll Expo is the yearly celebration of all things anime, featuring unique panels, exclusive merchandise, and world premieres. This year’s show will both be in-person and online, with select panels available on demand August 5–7, 2022, with an additional digital replay available until August 9, 2022.” – Crunchyroll, via Press Release.

Fans can purchase tickets to the upcoming Crunchyroll Expo event here.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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