There’s an entire subculture of posters who make TikTok edits to help you see the cast of The Simpsons in a rather different light…

The creative freedom that comes with apps like TikTok is the reason why social media sites like it are so popular. But that same freedom does mean you sometimes bear witness to some truly bizarre things, like the romantic edits of The Simpsons that are currently doing the rounds. Thanks to one creator in particular, millions of fans are starting to view the animation in a way that one can only assume the creators of The Simpsons did not intend…

Surreal edits of The Simpsons take over TikTok

Whether it’s ‘fan cams’ dedicated to Homer, or weirdly accurate AI-powered song covers, the people of the internet absolutely love to use The Simpsons to help practice flexing their editing muscles.

Despite the fact it’s over 30 years old, The Simpsons arguably has more of a stronghold on meme culture than any other modern-day TV show, to the point where some users have built up followings in excess of 100,000, purely through the creation of a very specific type of edit.

Liz, who goes by the handle @simpsonmaniacx, has amassed no less than 135,000 followers and has racked up a whopping 6.4 million likes thanks to her, let’s say ‘passionate’, outlook on the family comedy.

If you’ve not seen any of the eccentric edits, here are some examples of what all the fuss is about…

Fans fall for a Springfield couple that never was

With over 4.5 million views, one of Liz’s most popular edits shows a rather rugged-looking Ned Flanders ditching his conservative Christian values, as he glares longingly into the eyes of his next-door neighbor Marge.

The footage, which originates from season 21 episode 5, The Devil Wears Nada, has been heavily edited to give it an intense feel and is set to bass-boosted rap music. It’s prompting fans to comment things like “HOMER CANT HANDLE ALL DAT!”, “LORD HAVE MERCY” and “they knew what they were doing while making this ep”. We told you it was weird…

Other popular uploads on the account include an angsty edit of a teenage Bart flopping an overgrown fringe to the side, and a clip of Family Guy‘s Meg Griffin strutting down the street, set to a song about doing “the sexy walk”.

It’s unclear whether the support for the videos is generally ironic, or if people genuinely enjoy the cartoon edits, but let’s just hope it’s the former.

Simpson Maniac shows minor character in a whole new light

Thankfully, there is also some wholesome content on the Simpson Maniac account.

A more lighthearted selection of clips featuring one of the show’s most minor characters, Snowball the family cat, was hailed as “just so perfect for some reason” by one user in the comments, while another added, “Snowball always deserved so much better”.

The account also has quite the fixation on Lisa, with sleek edits of the young brainiac frequently pulling in several hundred thousand of views:

So, if you’re looking to go viral, simply pull together your favorite clips from The Simpsons, throw a few filters on and pick whichever song is trending on TikTok, and you’ll have 100,000 followers before you know it.

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