Characters from The Simpsons are going viral on TikTok for doing AI powered covers of popular songs, and some of them actually sound quite good…

You would think that after 34 seasons and 750 episodes, we would have seen the Simpson family in every possible scenario imaginable. However, thanks to AI, fans can now see The Simpsons cast in a whole new light, as they try their hand at covering some songs you’ll likely know, in a new sensation that has taken TikTok by storm. Here are some of our favorite AI covers coming out of Springfield’s most famous family…

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Five of the best Simpsons AI songs

Homer – Cheerleader (OMI)

First up, we’ve got a take on OMI’s 2015 hit Cheerleader – a song that, after almost 1.5 billion Spotify streams, was in need of a new lease of life.

Stepping up to cover Cheerleader is Homer Simpson who, unsurprisingly, is TikTok’s favorite TV character to use for AI covers.

In fact, the Duff enjoyer has so many viral hit covers, he could probably have his own greatest hits compilation. With that being said, what do you think of Homer’s AI cover of OMI – Cheerleader?

Bart – Started From The Bottom (Drake)

Next up on our list of The Simpsons’ best AI songs is Bart, with a rather convincing Drake cover.

The creator of this clip, a meme account dedicated solely to AI covers, has even gone to the length of providing a music video for Bart’s take on the Six God’s hit, complete with some rather fitting scenes from the animation.

As Bart and Millhouse swagger through a grocery store causing havoc, you find yourself having to try to remember that it’s not actually real because the aesthetics are so fitting.

Homer – Dani California (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Our next clip sees us return to Homer, who this time is tasked with covering the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Dani California.

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers x Homer combination has been praised for its accuracy compared to how Homer sounds in the actual show, with one user writing “If it wasn’t the original lyrics I would 100% believe this was just an audio clip from an episode”.

“you’re telling me this isn’t the original?” Asked another pleasantly surprised listener.


Homer Simpson AI Singing – Dani California by red hot chili peppers #homer #simpsons #cartoon #aicover #homerai

? original sound – MEME MUSIC

Lisa – Baby (Justin Bieber)

Of course, it would be unfair to do a rundown of The Simpsons’ AI covers without mentioning the most musical member of the family, Lisa.

Though she isn’t much of a singer in the series, Lisa is of course known for her impressive saxophone skills. According to TikTok, if Lisa was to start singing, Justin Bieber would be her artist of choice.

We will warn you, however, that the timing on this one is frustratingly out by a beat or two, as it has been simulated by AI, after all.

Homer & Marge – Love The Way You Lie (Eminem and Rihanna)

And last but not least, one of The Simpsons’ AI songs, a duet, has really taken the internet by storm after going viral on Twitter.

Homer and Marge have largely enjoyed a good marriage for a number of years. But, according to AI, things have gotten toxic, and TV’s longest-running animated couple are starting to sound like Eminem and Rihanna did back in the 2010s.

In a tweet that has now been viewed over five million times, Homer and Marge were praised for their rendition of Love The Way You Lie, with one user claiming that “Homer kills his verse”.

You can check the clip out but be aware that this AI cover has not been censored, and Homer can be heard using some Eminem-inspired explicit language.

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