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Black Adam: Sabbac's powers and abilities explored

Black Adam’s second trailer has come out, and fans are thrilled to see DCEU’s demonic villain, who is possibly the villain that Black Adam will have to fight.

The latest trailer of Black Adam not only showed Teth Adam; instead, it also gave us a clear picture of the members of the superhero group Justice Society of America. Apart from them, the character who was spotted in the trailer was Sabbac, the demonic villain of the film. He is also said to be the main villain of the film who would make Teth Adam’s complicated world more miserable.

Well, who is Sabbac, and what are his powers and abilities according to the comic books? Let’s find out the answers without any further ado.

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Who is Sabbac and what powers does he have?

In the comic books, two Sabbac has been created, one for DC and one for Fawcett Comics. The original Sabbac debuted as an enemy of Captain Marvel (Shazam) in Captain Marvel, Jr. #4. The second and third versions of the supervillain were seen as a nemesis of the Outsiders Superhero team and the Shazam family.

Like Shazam, Sabbac’s power source also includes six demons who grant him the immense powers he possesses. Apparently, Sabbac calls down the powers of six evil entities from hell, and these entities include Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Crateis. Furthermore, his host has to call Sabbac’s name to get transformed into Sabbac. So, Sabbac’s powers are somewhat similar to Black Adam and Shazam, but unlike the other two, this one is the pure incarnation of evil.

Sabbac possesses incredible strength and the ability to fly, just like Shazam. Apart from this, he has Invulnerability, Superhuman endurance, and speed. He can also attack his opponents by releasing thermal blasts. Much like Shazam, each letter in Sabbac’s name also hints towards his strength. Here’s how it goes:

S: Invincible and superhuman Strength of Satan

A: Powers of Aym make him Invulnerable

B: Wisdom of Belail

B: Pyrokinetic Powers of Beelzebub (Thermal-Blast)

A: Courage and endurance of Asmodeus

C: Flight ability and Superhuman speed of Craeteis

Most DC fans know Black Adam as the villain who lost against Shazam; however, DCEU is probably taking a different approach by pulling out Black Adam’s anti-hero angle. For that to work, the creators needed an evil entity for Black Adam to fight against, and Sabbac is the perfect character to fill that spot. 

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