Dwayne Johnson’s debut DCEU film, Black Adam, has introduced us to the superhero group Justice Society of America. Seeing their favorite comic book characters, fans go crazy and look forward to knowing more about them. Let’s talk about the wind manipulator of the group, Cyclone.

Being a young team member other than Atom Smasher, Cyclone successfully stole the show with her charm, and now let’s learn about the powers and abilities she holds.

Black Adam | Official Trailer

Black Adam | Official Trailer

Who is DC’s Cyclone?

The granddaughter of the Red Tornado (Ma Hunkel), Cyclone, aka Maxine Hunkel, was just an ordinary girl until she was kidnapped by a mad scientist named T.O Morrow. Maxine was injected with nanobytes that gave her tremendous and life-changing powers. Since childhood, she has deeply admired the Justice Society of America because it involved her favorite superheroes.

She learned about her powers when one day, she destroyed her grandmother’s garage in one sneeze and woke up on a tornado several feet above the ground. That was the day when she finally realized that she could manipulate wind. Besides this, she can also release air blasts on her enemies, make airwaves and walk on them. She can also mentally create whirlwinds and cyclones. No wonder why she is named Cyclone.

When JSA members were looking for new recruits, Cyclone was their first hire; Mr. Terrific and Power Girl invited her to join the team. When she was introduced to the group members one by one, her fangirl personality emerged, and she was delighted to meet her favorite superheroes, especially Stargirl.

Who plays the role of Cyclone in Black Adam?

The American actress Quintessa Swindell portrayed Cyclone in Black Adam. The actress is best known for her appearances in Netflix’s Trinkets as Tabitha Foster and Euphoria as Anna for a brief period.

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