DC’s biggest film, Black Adam, has arrived, and everyone is stunned to see Dwayne Johnson as Teth Adam. Meanwhile, the film’s big bad guy, Sabbac, also became the topic of discussion among fans. Seeing the two titans locking their horns, fans wonder how they differ from each other.

As shown in the film, Teth/Black Adam activates his powers by saying the magic word SHAZAM, while the mob Ishmael Gregor gets his powers when he says SABBAC in the final act. Now, as we know that both of them use the same technique, then what makes them different?

Black Adam | Official Trailer

Black Adam | Official Trailer

What are the differences between Sabbac and Black Adam?

The primary difference between Black Adam and Sabbac is that the former draws his powers from the wizards, while the latter draws his powers from demons. They are both “Champions,” but while the forces of good chose one, the other was chosen by the rulers of Hell.

Sabbac’s powers include:

Similarly, Black Adam’s powers include:

Besides this, Sabbac, as mentioned earlier, possessed demonic powers, and he wanted to rule over the people of Kahndaq as his ancestors did. On the other hand, Black Adam believed that the people of Kahndaq were no less than superheroes, they only needed a protector, and he looked forward to becoming one. So, even though Black Adam never considered himself a Hero, he didn’t want the people of Kahndaq to suffer at the hands of a demon.

Teth-Adam did not receive powers directly from Shazam in the comic book

Teth/Black Adam was a slave in Kahndaq, and after his family got killed at the hands of the dictators, he called his nephew Aman so that he could help him escape imprisonment. Seeing Teth Adam dying, Aman decided to do everything he could to save his uncle’s life. While the duo was trying to run, they ended up getting magically transported to the Rock of Eternity, where they met the Shazam wizard.

Sensing Aman’s purity, Shazam decided to make him his champion, but Aman said he would accept the offer only if his uncle healed. Shazam, with his powers, healed Teth and gave his powers to Aman, saying that the powers could be shared with his family members at his will. Aman shared the power with Teth, and after they returned to Kahndaq, Teth decided to avenge the death of his family from the killers.

On the other side, Aman wanted exactly the opposite; he wanted to make Kahndaq a peaceful place to live. So, one day he gets killed by Teth, who thinks that Aman won’t let him proceed on the revenge path. Moreover, after killing him, he steals his powers and becomes Mighty Adam.

There are two Sabbacs in the Comic books

Sabbac is a demon who gives his powers to the person who summons him. In the comic book, two people go by the name Sabbac. One is Timothy Karnes, and the other is Ishmael Gregor. The latter is the one who appeared in the Black Adam film.

In the comic books, Ishmael Gregor eyed the powers of Sabbac since the beginning, so with the help of his men, he performed a demonic ritual on the former Sabbac, Timothy Karnes, and became the new Sabbac. However, in the latest DCEU film, Ishmael was the first person to get Sabbac’s powers through the demon’s crown.

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