Black Clover Chapter 338 spoilers suggest that something interesting is on its way. Previously, we saw Asta in an unknown place with mysterious people who tried to heal his wounds and prepare him for his final battle with Lucius. The chapter also introduces us to a Tsundere woman named Ichika, Yami’s younger sister.

Ichika possesses spectacular KI skills, so the upcoming chapter may show her training Asta. Moreover, Chapter 338 might also explore the place where Asta is, and it may also reveal his shogun identity.

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Black Clover Chapter 338: Release date and Time

Black Clover Chapter 338 will release on Monday, September 19, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST on Viz Media and Manga Plus. International fans will get to read the manga chapter on Sunday, September 18, 2022, and here’s a release schedule that you should follow:

Black Clover Chapter 338 Spoilers

Asta wants to return home, but Ryuudou stops him by saying that Lucius won’t do anything soon. Asta asks him about Shogun, to which Ryuudou replies that Shoguns are the magic wizards. However, Asta is confused as he can’t see any magic in Ryuudou.

Later, when Asta and Ryuudou explore the town, the former learns that people in the Hino Country use sorcery instead of magic. Ryuudou senses the bandits’ arrival in the town, so he moves the civilians from the way.

When the Bandits arrive, they start mocking the Shoguns. Asta is shocked to see that Ryuudou’s KI strength is not increasing. That’s when Ichika Yami steps in and kicks off the bandits, and her KI’s strength shocks Asta. Ryuudou tells Asta that Ichika is Sukehiro Yami’s younger sister. As Asta approaches her, Ichika pushes him away and says that she doesn’t like men like him.

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