Just when Dragon Ball fans were about to get an interesting new arc, the manga went on a hiatus, so fans will have to wait a little longer to read Chapter 88 of the manga series.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, released on August 19, 2022, ended Granolah the Survivor arc. The chapter also came with the note that the manga is going on a break so that the author can prepare for the next arc.

However, we now know that whenever Chapter 88 will release, we’ll get to see the strongest being of the universe (Probably Frieza), as stated in the previous chapter.

As the manga had just finished the Granolah the Survivor arc, the author decided to go on a break to work on the manga’s next story arc. So, even though we aren’t getting a new chapter this month, we’ll hopefully see the manga returning with new adventures in October. However, there’s no official confirmation around the return date, so we can’t be sure until we hear something from the author.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Official Trailer

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Official Trailer

What happened in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87?

Granolah got severely injured during deadly combat, and while he was bleeding from his mouth, he realized that his lifespan has got reduced and he only had three years left.

Suddenly Monaito appears and asks Granolah to show his wounds to him, but seeing Monaito surprised, Goku questions him regarding his powers as the Saiyan thinks that Monaito won’t be able to heal Granolah. However, Monaito explained that he is shocked to see that he can heal Granolah to his full strength, and he even restored Goku and Vegeta’s powers.

Seeing all of this from afar, Gas reappeared and shot Monaito in his chest. Granolah runs toward Monaito while Goku and Vegeta head toward Gas in their powerful forms, but they could not beat him.

Elec was observing everything from behind, so he shouted at Gas to finish the combat fast. On the other hand, Maki showed up and tried convincing Gas to withdraw as his lifespan was getting reduced.

Soon, Gas also realized that his face had started mutilating, and that’s when Frieza appeared in his black form. Surprisingly, Frieza first knocked out Goku and Vegeta and brutally killed Gas and Elec.

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